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Our School Motto

049 Learn To Care
Core values such as respect for others and one’s own belongings are taught to children from a very early age.
IMG_4911 Care To Learn
Once a child understands what it means to care, we then make learning fun so they enjoy the experience and are actively engaged in it.

Our Class Structures

The Lower sector is an important foundation at Bava School. In addition to strengthening socialization skills, Play/Preschool is a place where your child can gain a sense of self, explore, play with others and build confidence.
In the Middle Sector, children are taught the basics of arithmetic, language and shapes. A strong emphasis is placed on learning the various sounds of the english language, taught via the Jolly Phonics system.
The Upper Sector is comprised of students from Grades 2 to 4. This clustered learning approach lends students to an accelerated form of learning, where younger peers are exposed to higher-level content.

Countdown to January 29th 2018

First Term Starts on January 29th

A Family School

We are a small family-run school that has been running for the last 25 years. Our close-knit class structure extends this feeling of family to our students, who relate to their peers regardless of age, race or gender.

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Our News

5 Community Service Ideas that Kids Could Enjoy Doing

At an early age, it is best to instill among children the value of giving back to the community, to help them become responsible and compassionate adults. A child who is not taught that giving is better than receiving, he tends to be selfish and is less successful in life, because there’s no one willing […]

4 Tips on How to Help Your Child Make Friends

While you are giving your all to your child to make him happy, this might not be enough to paint a smile on his face. Other than your love as a parent, your child also needs friends. Having friends is one of the most important aspects in life. Friends are those people whom we hold […]

How to Pack a Healthy School Lunchbox for your Kids

Most often, parents don’t put too much effort for their child’s school lunchbox, since they are too busy. They only often cook food that’s easy to prepare such as hotdogs, chicken nuggets, eggs, and burger patties. And the cycle repeats. While your child doesn’t complain eating fried processed foods every day, as a parent, you […]

Our happy parents

I am so excited with Rachael’s performance in school so far thus happy to advise that she will return to Bava next year (2017). My sincere thank you and your staff for being patient with her and teaching/encouraging her to achieve her professional aspiration/dreams in life.


You can find the current fee schedule for 2018 on our Enrolment Page.

We accept ages from 2 -5 for Play/Pre sector, 6 – 7 for Prep/Grade 1 and 8 – 12 for Grades 2 – 4.

Monday – Thursday: 7:30AM – 3:00PM
Friday: 7:30AM – 12PM

These are the normal school hours. Please ensure children are picked up no later than the end times specific above to avoid late pickup fees.

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