Newsletter 5, Term 2 2019

Let us come together and share why we come to this community that we call the big “Bava Family.” It is fast approaching the end of Term Two and you need to hear from us now!

Newsletter 4, Term 2 2019

This term has been quite disruptive as in week 1 a school day was lost and another in week 2 for the Good Friday/Easter Public holidays. This means that we have to work extra hard to squeeze in as much as possible to compensate for the lost days.

Newsletter 3, Term 1 2019

The weather has not been that kind at times, but we all have been diligent and up to speed with our children’s educational and care needs. Thank you again. Before I take you inside the classrooms to share the stories of your lovely children, let me briefly outline the rest of this term’s commitments.

Newsletter 2, Term 1 2019

It has been exactly one month today since we last shared in our Newsletter #1 dated 28 January. Since then so much has happened and changed that we wish to share with you all.

Newsletter 1, Term 1 2019

GREETINGS ALL AND WELCOME TO BAVA INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL! Welcome and seasonal greetings to all our new and old families. It is my greatest pleasure to take this opportunity to welcome you all to Bava International School. Nothing gives me this much pleasure as welcoming back the beautiful smiles and sounds of our dear little children. […]

Newsletter 3, Term 4 Is Out

SEASONAL GREETINGS ALL AND WELCOME BACK! In a matter of weeks, we shall all come together to end the 2018 School Year. This is to inform what holds for the remaining weeks of this term. Please ensure to find the time to read this communication because matters of importance are broadcasted inside it! Download the […]

Newsletter 2, Term 4 Is Out

GREETINGS ALL AND WELCOME BACK! This is going to be a brief letter to give you updates and progress of events to take place this month. The time is approaching faster than we can imagine and we feel we have been away from you. As we progress into the final term of this academic year, […]

Newsletter 1, Term 4 Is Out

Welcome back everyone. Term 4 commences today, and so much is anticipated. OK – let me get to work now! Allow me to briefly mention and remind you of our shared responsibilities. Download the newsletter to read more… CLICK TO DOWNLOAD THE NEWSLETTER

Newsletter 3, Term 3 Is Out

Greetings everyone and welcome back all! As we come to the final week of this term, I wish to remind you of the remaining important dates and events. I hope you have all had a wonderful Independence celebration and lots of rest. HAPPY 43 INDEPENDENCE ANNIVERSARY to Papua New Guinea and all its citizens – […]

Newsletter 2, Term 3 Is Out

Dear Parents, Guardians and Friends. Time is approaching fast inside mid term and there is much to share again with you all. As usual let me outline the rest of the term main events/dates for your easy reminders. Download the newsletter to read more… CLICK TO DOWNLOAD THE NEWSLETTER