How to help your child not be shy at School

Preschool and kindergarten are a child’s first taste of school, entry points for the years of education that lie ahead. Some children find school a thrilling experience: They wave their hands in the air to answer questions, belt out songs during group sings, and are the first to sit down for snacks. Other children are […]

How to discipline your child to have Good Manners

We want our children to learn from their mistakes and not repeat them. So the natural thought is to send them to the time out corner or up to their room to think about what they’ve done. Except they don’t. And they’re going to keep doing the same behaviors despite the punishment. So how do […]

What to Do if Your Child Has a Nightmare

As a parent, you want to make sure your child is always safe, happy, and healthy. But there are some things that go beyond your control. In one particular example, you have no control over your child’s dreams. And as much as you wish he doesn’t get a nightmare, this is just something that happens […]

How to Teach Your Child to Say Sorry (And Mean It)

It is the role of the parents to help guide their children to become better individuals when they get older. Even though each child’s circumstance may differ, it all boils down to how good his upbringing was. One of the ways you can teach your child to be a better person is to know how […]

5 Ways You Can Teach Your Child to Clean His Room

While your child is young, it’s good that you impart good behavior in him. This includes being respectful of other people (especially older ones), showing courtesy, and even cleaning up after himself. It’s never too early to start teaching your child these things so you can instill good behavior in him. Here are a few […]

Boy Child Student School Elementary Math Desk
5 Tips to Make Your Child Enjoy Math

Math is one of the subjects that will really stick with your child when he gets older. Sadly, a lot of people dislike math because of the way they were taught. They believe this is a difficult subject that they won’t need when they get out of school. As a parent, it’s important that you […]

How to Empower Your Child to Become a Promising Leader

Most parents want to see their children leading the pack. It gives you the feeling of overwhelming pride, and make you want to let everybody know that the leader standing in front of everyone is your most beloved child. But raising your child to become a leader requires a lot of effort. Leadership is not […]

5 Reasons Your Child Needs to Learn How to Swim

Swimming is a very fun activity, especially during the summer holidays. Any child would be excited to swim in a pool, or even at the beach. We don’t know why, but the pool and the sea never fail to put a smile on our children’s faces, which is why we all have the reason to […]