Meet The Play/Preschool Head Teacher – Mrs Julie Kua

Preschool is an important foundation at Bava School. In addition to strengthening socialization skills such as how to compromise, be respectful of others, and problem-solving, Preschool provides a place where your child can gain a sense of self, explore, play with their peers, and build confidence.

From here the seeds of the school motto “Learn To Care, Care To Learn” began to grow. Children begin to ask wonderful questions about the world around them. For example, “What happens to the water after the rain? Do birds play?” Young children can certainly learn letters and numbers, but to sit kids down and ‘teach’ them is the wrong way to do it. They learn best through doing the kinds of activities they find interesting, such as stories, dancing, talking to their teachers about the environment and playing with blocks.

At Preschool, your child will learn to develop:

  • Cognition (i.e., thinking skills)
  • Self-awareness skills
  • Social skills
  • Pre-academic skills (e.g., attention/focus, matching, rhyming, counting, understanding somewhat abstract concepts, such as, same/different, opposites, similarities)

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