Newsletter 10, Term 4 2019


The school celebrated World Children’s Day - all children have rights!

This marks the last edition of our formal Newsletter for the school year in 2019. First of all I wish to thank you all for the trust and confidence you have bestowed on the school and its management. Without your support and understanding through the year the many challenges we faced would not have been any easier! Two massive floods this year and another one last year with the NCDC authorities stripping down the security fencing financially impacted the school’s planned operations. Regardless, we have ensured these did not tarnish the quality and standards of care and educational programs provided. The focus remains with the children and we are pleased to announce that our expectations have been successfully fulfilled!

1. 2019 School Year Ends: Friday 6 December. *However all classes will end on Wednesday 4 December for all children.

2. TUESDAY 3 NOVEMBER IS A HALF DAY: please pick up all children by lunchtime to prepare for the following Big Day!

3. 2019 Annual Concert / Christmas Party: Wednesday 4 December at 10am — 12:30 pm, in the Main Hall.

  • Please, each child/family is asked to contribute something for a farewell shared luncheon/if you wish to participate.
  • Children have been asked to provide costumes/help with scripts by their teachers. Please ensure of these requests.
  • Children/teachers are tasked to showcase what they have learned from terms 1-4 so please be around to get inspired.
  • At least 1 family member/representative to be present. It means a great lot to your dear children!
  • Christmas Tree/Santa Claus Bag: Each child is expecting a small gift so if you want your child to receive a present from Santa a K5-20 gift is enough. The gifts allow us to decorate their Christmas Tree and give Santa Claus an excuse to greet them with a “Ho Ho Ho – Merry Christmas!”

4. Reports To Be Handed Out: Annual Reports, Award Certificates, Prizes and Transfer Certificates will be handed out to successful students with fully paid up fees!

5. Fund Raising/Raffles: Quite a galore so be in it to win it! There will be food hampers, meat/fruit/vegetable trays plus some surprises! It is going to be a fun-filled event so come and let us enjoy the time with our beautiful children. To those who will not be returning, will be a fine time to share their final hours with Bava Family!

Thank you to all those parents and sponsors who contributed to this special fund raising efforts. We will publish the results in the first newsletter of 2020!

Creating decorations for the concert

Making hats with different shapes and colours

Celebrating Halloween with our pumpkins

6. 2020 SCHOOL YEAR INFORMATION: The 2020 School Fee Schedule, Enrolment Forms and Essential Information are now ready. You can obtain this info from the front desk.

  • Those returning are required to fill in the enrolment forms and pay the non-refundable fee of K300 to be officially registered.
  • For current students – your position will be kept open until December 13 to secure the spot. After this date, seats will be opened up to the general public to enrol. Please make sure to secure your child’s placing before this date!
  • Uniforms are being ordered so please ensure to place your orders by Wednesday 27 November so it will be included. Orders are made from overseas. You can pay later if you are not ready.
  • School Fee Terms & Conditions – Please consult the Enrolment form with the “Fee Paying Policy” for fee terms.
  • School Fencing Plans – in the pipeline for 2020 and must be fixed!
  • Library – with the fund raising efforts we should hope to be able to furnish it with some fresh resources especially educational books/videos etc. Maybe a computer with accessories, eg printer?
  • Curriculum & Syllabus materials should be boosted via the above efforts too! Thank you all.

7. TEACHER IN-SERVICE: Thursday 5 — Thursday 12 December. School is closed on Friday 13 December 2019 except for fee payments.

8. 2020 SCHOOL YEAR COMMENCES: Monday 27 January for Term 1, Academic Year 2020. Only fully paid up students will be allowed into school.

Let me take you for the last time this year into your children’s classrooms to share their stories with you! Enjoy!



Hello, with an early Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year greetings to all our parents and guardians. The Play/ Preschool classes have completed all their class assessments for year 2019 and are now busy practising hard for the end of year concert.

We would like to kindly remind our parents that there was a letter given to each child regarding our concert costumes, raffle tickets and food hamper items which will be due this Friday 29 November. Thank you to those parents who responded to our letter, but we wish to encourage those who have yet to respond. *Please don’t forget to bring along a Xmas gift surprise for your child which will be presented to your child by Santa Claus!

Thank you all.

Mrs Matui and Ms Rutera – Class Teachers & Caregivers

School visit from Colgate Palmolive

Our scary resident vampires!

Cooling down with ice cream from Ilimo Dairy


Hello to all our lovely parents, here are several reminders to our parents. If you could kindly assist your child with our concert preparations:

  • Concert Scripts – Practise with your child.
  • Concert Costumes – consult the notice board.
  • Food Hamper – consult the notice board contribution.
  • Raffle Tickets – Next week Friday 29 November deadline. Please submit all tickets with the money.
  • Santa’s Bag – *Parents please bring a little gift for your child.

Thank you and God bless you and your family for your generous support. Please come along to watch and have fun with your child next Wednesday 4 December for the Annual Concert Event.  

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to you all.

Mrs Mea – Class Teacher



Hello everyone, this is our class news for this edition.

Attendance and Punctuality

This is a very important area as far as our children’s education is concerned. Do continue to bring your child to school every day, for these remaining days. We have concert rehearsals and preparations. Most importantly, it is the right training for our dear little ones as they develop and grow.

Concert Preparations

  • I would like to remind all our parents that our colour for this term is Red. Notices were given out last week. Red round neck shirt, black trousers/leggings and white socks.
  • All costumes be brought in by week 9 please.
  • Parents, please ensure that your child/children are practising at home. Do guide and assist them too.
  • I am still waiting for your contributions for the Food Hamper. A couple of children have brought theirs already. I am keeping a record of all contributions for our class. This also includes our Raffle Tickets sales.
  • A special thank you to everyone who have contributed.
  • Christmas Gift for Santa: I am also asking if parents can buy and wrap a small gift for your child/children that will be presented by Santa when he visits. All gifts should be in by Friday 29 November 2019.

Thank you and God bless you.

Mr Mea – Class Teacher

Celebrating International Teacher’s Day

Gerard showing his “Poetic Me” word ladder

Chloe with her “Poetic Me” word ladder


Much is anticipated for 2020 and we are all looking forward for the results of our fund raising efforts. There is so much to do with our library and we hope to furnish it more next year.

The children really enjoy their time in the library as it is a perfect place to read and learn more in-depth! We have all enjoyed our time together this year and will do more together in the future. Please ensure your child has a Library bag to borrow and take home books.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Mrs Jabri – Librarian


Hello all! Thank you to all our parents and guardians for your efforts in supporting your child to attend school this year. We all know that we can do our best for our children’s education at school and at home. It is a common wish in every family for their little children.

I would like to take this time to thank you all in taking responsibility in helping us with the Raffle tickets sales and contributing food hamper items for our Fundraising Drive. All have a blessed heart, and may the good Lord bless you more.

  • Enrolments for 2020 is now open to our current students so parents, please make sure you register your child by the 13th  of December 2019. A notice was sent out to every family through your children. Parents and guardians are expected to fill in and return. If your child is returning, the Registration Fee for K300 must be paid in advance to reserve a space.  
  • Enrolments will be open to the Public as of December 16, 2019 to 17th January 2020.
  • All Reports are completed and ready to be handed out on the concert day. Only to those who completed their school fees in full. This also applies to any transfer out.

Thank you and have a safe & blessed festive season.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Mrs Tione – Registrar

It has been my greatest pleasure to have served you this year. I hope that Bava International School, its Management and Teaching and Support Staff have all served you well. I am confident that we have achieved the goals that we have set out to achieve for the 2019 educational academic year!

This year has been exceptionally challenging, yet fulfilling. Despite the flood damages and disruptions earlier in the year, we recovered in time to execute the rest of the remaining programs for the year. Even participated in extracurricular activities, namely 1 Day Peace, PNG 44 Independence Anniversary, Halloween Parades, and Children’s Day celebrations!

End of Term concerts demand a lot from the teachers and their children but they all excel each time they celebrate their achievements together with you all. The Annual Concert combines the year’s achievements to celebrate in conjunction with the Christmas and New Year greetings and wishes. It is therefore necessary to have a family representative present next Wednesday 4 December at 10 am sharp to commemorate all these events put together. See you then!

Thank you everyone for your support this year! May the best of everything come your way in the New Year!

Merry Christmas and a Happy Prosperous New Year to you all!

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