Newsletter 2, Term 1 2020


Prep/Grade 1’s made flowers as they learned about “tricky words”

Two weeks ago we shared our school news with you all but it was rather brief. I did say that we will be back with detailed stories of your children from their respective classes. I am going to ask for your patience to give some time and read attentively about their news please. All their stories are sorted by their own class groups so ensure you know where your children are. Please enjoy. Should you need anything clarified do not hesitate to have a chat with teachers. Thank you all.


Some mandatory dates to take note of:

1. Term One Duration:

11 Weeks from 27 January – 10 April.

2. End of Term Concert:

Thursday 9 April – 10 – 12 .30pm at school Assembly Hall.

3. Term 1 Holiday:

Friday 10 – Friday 17 April

4. Good Friday:

10 April, Easter Monday 13 April

5. Term 2 Duration:

10 Weeks/ Commences April 20 – June 26.

6. End of Term Concert:

June 26

7. Term 2 Holiday:

3 weeks from June 29 – July 17 -Second phase of Fence Project

8. School Times:

7:30am – 2:30pm, Monday to Thursday. School uniforms to be worn on these days. Friday is a half-day. Sports uniforms to be worn. Pick up at 12 noon.

9. Swimming:

Every Wednesday. Please ensure your child packs swimwear, a towel and a bag to put them in to take part in the fun.

10. Term 3:

Duration 10 Weeks – July 20 – September 25

11. End of Term 3:

Concert September 25 (tentative).

12. Term 3 Holiday:

1 week September 28 – October 2.

13. Term 4:

Duration 9 Weeks Only. End of Year Concert date to be announced later.

14. Events/Special Dates:

to be announced as they approach in each Term Duration.

15. Playschool Class – Mrs Matui:

Hello everyone, so lovely to see the children settling down. No more teary eyes! Morning drills are usually shared with the Preschool Circle Time. We all have lots to learn from each other with lots of fun too!

During the first 2 weeks the children have been singing “Hello, Hello”, introducing their names. At first some were shy but eventually grew more confident. Their favourite songs are “an elephant” and “the wheels on the bus go round and round.”

  • Now, they are busy learning Jolly Phonics volume 1, numbers, shapes and colours.
  • Making the sounds of Vol 1 –“satipn” forming the sound using clay and play dough.
  • Doing some crafts relating to the sounds and were excited to do their turtles for their “T” sound.

With numbers, they can count 0-5, can collage and paint them. They love to sing the counting songs “5 little sausages,” “5 little ducks,” and “12345, once I caught a fish alive”. Shapes and colour robots making are enjoyed. They love to come to school. Some found it uneasy in the beginning, like Winston, who now loves to sing and dance. The same with Trevor, who came attached to his mum. He would not let go of her. I got kicked in the leg but eventually Mrs Matui and Trevor are now good friends! And even Felicity – the youngest is now showing signs of growing up. Proud of you Felicity. Well done!

Scripts for concert and concert costumes – Round neck yellow T-shirts ,black long trousers for boys and for girls long black leggings. 

Thank you all.

Mrs Matui – Class Teacher

Making a parrot to go with letter “P”

Making human robots from coloured shapes

A big green lizard is on the wall!

16. Preschool Class – Ms Heagi:

Hello everyone, these few weeks have been pleasant to have the new and old students showing friendship and happiness to learn and share together.

Our Circle Time:

We do our circle time every morning, Monday to Thursday.

  • Each time we drill them with the school classroom procedures and rules.
  • 5 good manners tips: SORRY, EXCUSE, THANK YOU, PLEASE & WELCOME.
  • The children love these words.
  • They love to sing, dance and tell to share their morning stories.
  • Such activities help to build confidence in our children to speak and participate.

The Theme for this term is “ALL ABOUT ME”

During our morning talk they talk about:

  • Themselves, their names, age, date of birth, where they are living and where they come from.
  • The children start their daily activities by having fun with the teachers.

In the Classroom

Several children showing improvement already; thank you.

  • Noel and Anthony improved on their shapes, colours and sounding the Jolly Phonics Volume 1 satipn clearing. But they are only mixing up numbers so what I did is to help them count the objects or things to get the correct numbers.
  • Javan, Niyana, Miria and Andrea are doing well.


  • Identify the name of the letters. Volume 1 – identify the letters and pictures
  • Satipn – making the sounds and matching the correct sound to the pictures.
  • Children like to do the sounds with actions.
  • They love to call out the names or words that relate to the sounds or letters.
  • They are doing well with singing them too.

Maths/Counting Numbers

  • Identifying names to the numbers and forming shapes of the numbers using play dough.
  • Tracing and counting objects.
  • Children love to count numbers forward 0-5 and count backward 5-0
  • We sing rhymes with them to help them say the number correctly and place it in the correct place.
  • Colours and shapes they love to form human robots by using colours, shapes, blue, rectangle. Yellow circle, green triangle and red square for example.


  • 5 Senses – Much fun to identify their 5 senses: eyes to see, noses to smell, hands to feel, ears to hear and tongues to taste.
  • They did some crafts activities on the eyes, ears, tongues and noses.
  • On the feeling ‘sense’ children played the game of feeling hard and soft things to identify them without seeing.

Social Studies

  • Arts and crafts on the houses/schools and classrooms.
  • To learn their family tree next week.


  • Some practical activities on how to wash our hands.
  • We still talk about our 5 good manners and good rules in classroom and homes.
  • Children are learning their table manners during small and big lunch times.

Concert Script – Your child will come home with his or her concert script so please help.

Nap Time – is 12.30pm – 1.30pm.

  • Monday – Audio play (short stories and music)
  • Tuesday – Read books (life, red riding hood, 3 little pigs)
  • Wednesday –Play video (short stories or drama) 
  • Thursday – Read Books
  • Friday- Sports/Music-dance/video followed by lunch-home-time 12 noon.

Thank You!

Ms Heagi – Class Teacher

Making of the lizard in Gr 1’s art lesson

Preschool doing green foot painting!

A table of flowers made by Grade 1’s. So pretty!

17. Prep & Gr 1 Classes – Mrs Mea & Mr Gari:

Hello to our Parents and Guardians. Time to share some news!

Student News:

All newcomers and continuing students have settled in well in class and are adjusting to the teaching and learning environment inside their classrooms. Some students are working hard in their schoolwork and behaviours – namely: Malou Mou, Ruth Hardy Robertson, Mercy Siwainao, Dauncey Jack and Alissa Holemba.

2020 Academic Program:

  • English (Jolly Phonics curriculum), Maths, Science, Social Studies, Health and Physical Education.
  • Extra-Curricular Program. Swimming, Zumba, Video, Music, Sports, Dance movement, Pep Talk program, and Arts & Crafts.
  • All Academic and Non-Academic subjects will be assessed and recorded in their report cards every term.
  • Homework and Home Link will be sent home with your child. Prep Class will receive theirs only on Tuesdays and Thursdays, while Grade 1 Class receive theirs everyday with Mr Gari. Extra Homework will be given too.

Thank you for your time and we hope to share more news with you in our next edition.

Mrs Mea & Mr Gari – Class Teachers


18. Upper Grades Classes – Mr Mea:

Hello and welcome all!

Classroom Teaching and Learning

Our lessons are well underway and the children are working hard to achieve their daily objectives.


We have done our first set of assessments (tests) last week. Tests are given after completion of a unit and or Topic. Revision activities are always given prior to testing. Please ensure your child does his/her own revision at home.

Home Links

A couple of parents have not sighted and signed in your children’s home link books. This is very important because we can be able to communicate through this system regarding their performance and behaviour at school.


Our Home Reading program for this term is already on full swing and students are already borrowing. I am urging all parents to ensure that your child has a Library bag so I can engage him/her soon.

Finally, your every child must attend school Monday to Friday!*Punctuality is very important. Every child must be in school no later than 8am! Please do encourage and help your child in this area. Remember their records are marked accordingly!

Thank you.

Mr Mea – Class Teacher

Upper Grades in quiet reading time

Prep class displaying their crafts

Group crafts is a great way to build social skills

19. Library Corner – Ms Rutera:

Hello All! Our Library is always a pleasant place for children to read in during morning or any other free times.

  • During their library lessons children are given books to read with Jolly Phonics/sound group of 1, 2 and 3 words to sound and blend; especially the Preps and Grade 1 classes who can now say the words and spell them at the same time.
  • For Playschool and Preschool – their class teachers do lend them small reader books.
  • The Upper Grades borrow books with 1 or 2 stories.  
  • Some Grade 2 students can now read, which is encouraging.
  • I, as the teacher in charge of the library will do all my best and continue to assist them. I kindly ask those parents who have not bought your child a library bag, please do so because this is very important. This will help your child to borrow books to take home.
  • Borrowing days are Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Thank you.

Ms Rutera – Library Teacher


20. Registrar – Mrs Tione:

Welcome everyone!

For those parents who have already paid uniforms but yet to collect, please be patient with us. We are waiting for the order to arrive. Thank you.


  • All Term 1 School Fees must be paid in full by now.
  • Late Pick-ups: A charge of K20 daily. Monday – Thursday *School ends at 2.30 and all children must be collected by 3pm. Late pick up fees @ K20 a day must be paid on pick up.
  • Lunch orders K20.00 daily for both big and small lunches with drinks.
  • Bus Pick-ups and Drop-offs – limited spaces still available.  For more information please enquire at the school office. 

Thank you all.

Mrs Tione – Registrar

He’s busy painting with his favourite colour!

Progress of the fence along Taurama Rd

More space in the playground once finished

It has been a great pleasure to see and greet you upon entry or exit of our school gate each morning. I wish to take this wonderful opportunity again to thank you all for giving me, my staff and management the trust and confidence to educate and care for your children in 2020. We will certainly do our best to serve you with this commitment being clearly understood. Please do share your ideas to help improve our small school. Be wary and educate yourselves on any newsworthy items regarding the Coronavirus epidemic! It is spreading especially in the Asia region and is a serious concern.

Take care and keep healthy!

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