Newsletter 6, Term 3 2019


Upper Grades with their wonderful holiday projects on the Water Cycle!

The second half of the year has begun at Bava and Term 3 is in full swing. Time again to share your children’s stories and to update on current affairs. Although you have not heard from us lately, we have been updating the school activities via our Facebook posts. Like us on Facebook to become our friends so you do not have to wait this long for these news updates!

1. TERM 3: started on July 15 on a very slow pace. Two weeks of grace/waiting period was allowed for any late comers from a long holiday. Monday 29 July marked Week 3 for the fresh theme to commence.

2. REVISION: The last two weeks had been reserved for reviews and revision work for the past two terms with a touch of this term’s theme.

3. TERM THEME: The school is gearing up for this term’s theme: “Exploring Our World through Communication & Technology.” More news on this will be read under respective classes as we move further into the term programs.

4. SWIMMING: to start next Wednesday 7 August – children are to bring a towel and a bag to put wet clothes in. Only proper swimwear will be allowed. *If you do not wish for your child to swim please give him/her a written note.


6. LATE PICKUPS: these charges will be deducted from the school fees if left unpaid!

7. TRANSPORT: Same goes to the bus fees, any unpaid balances will be deducted from school fees.


  • Repentance Day: Tuesday 27 August
  • Fathers’ Day: Sunday 2 September
  • Book Week: 5–9 August. Theme: “Reading Is My Secret Power”
  • PNG 44 Independence Anniversary – Monday 16 September
  • This Term Ends on September 20
  • One week Holiday for Term 3: September 23–29

More news as we progress into the term. Let me take you inside the classrooms now!


Hello from the youngest of the school! Welcome to all our parents for this term. Although it was a long holiday, the returning children have no problem at all in settling back!

For these 2 weeks, we have been doing revisions.

  • Jolly Phonics: They have been learning Level 1 – SATIPN. Sounding and blending of 2 letter words: In, an, is, as at. Saying and spelling tricky words: I, the, she, me, he, we, was, do, to and be.
  • Maths: The children are now familiar with counting and identifying their numbers 0-10. They can also identify and count objects to the correct numbers.
  • Shapes and Colours: They can identify the different shapes and colours that they have learned in Terms 1 & 2. We have also done revisions on our primary colours of red, yellow and blue. From our primary colours the Play-Pre children mixed these colours: yellow and red to get the colour orange.
  • Transportation: In Term 2 we talked about the different types of land, air and sea transportation. The children can identify the different types of transportation in the air, on land and sea.


Thank you and see you soon!

Mrs Matui and Ms Rutera – Class Teachers & Caregivers (Ms Heagi is now on maternity leave.)

Mixing red and yellow to make orange

Painting with colours and 3D shapes

Celebrating Miria Aru’s 4th birthday!


Hello everyone, welcome back to our 3rd Term. So much is happening in and out the classrooms. We are so happy to share some highlights to date so far. Our Term 3 theme is ”Exploring Our World through Communication and Technology.”

  • Science/Social Studies: lessons are based on our two main words in our theme for this term. “Communication” and “Technology”. These two weeks we have learned the meanings of these words with a few examples to help us understand more. We did a few homework exercises on communication studying “Traditional and Modern communications”.
  • Technology was the highlight of this week. We started off with understanding the word itself and its meanings. We also listed a few examples to help us clarify the different technological equipment/tools we used to make our cooking easier. More activities and lessons will be done in the next 8 weeks of this term.
  • Maths: At the moment the children have done a lot of revision activities on Addition and Subtraction with 2 and 3 digit numbers.
  • Jolly Phonics: we have done revision activities on Jolly Phonics Volumes 1, 2 and 3.
  • Health: We have completed checklists on how we can maintain our personal health, especially in keeping our bodies clean. 
  • Last Friday was a highlight of personal health by celebrating and participating in the National Tooth Brushing Day (Friday 26th July!)
  • Library: Please remind your child to bring their library bags to school so they may borrow books.
  • Homework/HomeLink: Check your child homework and write a few comments in the book in order to help us track their learning development. Thank you very much for assisting your child with his or her homework over the holidays.



Mrs Mea – Class Teacher



Hi everyone and welcome to our class insights for this edition.

Let us find out what we have achieved or done so far. This term started off well with mostly revision and enrichment lessons. The students have also progressed well so far.

I would like to make a special mention regarding our Holiday Project about the Water Cycle. Everyone did exceptionally well. I was amazed with the creativity and effort that you all put into producing such great work. Well done to you all. Thank you.

We have also learned how to make a Non–bake Continental Cheesecake. We had to learn about the ingredients and procedure and later work in small groups to produce our very own cheesecakes.

Thank you once again for your endless support. I hope to share more nice insights in our next newsletter.

Mr Mea – Class Teacher

Prep/Gr 1 students show off their artwork of…

…traditional forms of communication!

Learning about tools that help us with cooking


Books are being sorted and put into the following categories.

  • Story/Reading Books (fiction)
  • Resource Books (non–fiction) *restricted for teachers use only.


Book Week:

We will be organising activities for students, such as:

  • Bookmark Making
  • Story Telling
  • Colouring
  • Video


Library Assistants:

We have selected the following three students from Mr Mea’s class to assist lower grade students in the Library:

  • Chloe Kwaudi – Grade 3
  • Isaiah Lapan – Grade 3
  • Gerard Raga – Grade 4

Well done and other children are encouraged to do likewise.

All children are required to bring their library bags to borrow books.

Thank you all.

Mrs Jabri – Librarian



Welcome back everyone. We thank you for your continuous support and we look forward to sharing more throughout this term.

Several Reminders:

  • Report Cards: Please ask me at the front office if you have any inquiries.
  • School Fees: Thank you for those of you who have taken action. To those that have been given special permissions, please keep your promise to pay the balance by the due date.
  • Late Pick up: Please remember school hours are from 7.30am – 2.30pm. Late fees are charged. Gates close at 4pm.
  • Canteen/Bus services: please check details with me also.


Mrs Tione – Registrar

Mixing the batter for a non-bake cheesecake

Making the biscuit base… and getting hungry!

Ta da! Chefs with their finished cheesecakes!

I hope you have enjoyed reading about your children and what they do at school. There is so much to do from this week forward. Please take an active interest in their homework and encourage in regular reading. The success of your children equally rests upon you parents as well. We sincerely appreciate your support and understanding. Thank you all. See you at school!

Peace be with you all.

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