Newsletter 9, Term 4 2019


Spooky costumes were the highlight of our Halloween Special!

It is so refreshing and exciting to learn and see how our dear children are progressing this final term. Nothing is more pleasing to see them grow from strength to strength in their learning, emotional and physical abilities and appearances. We do sincerely hope that as parents and guardians, you are also able to notice such small differences in your own children. If so, please do share your story with us so we can include them in our next newsletters or even post them on the school Facebook Page and website!

We are in week 7 and already so much has been done and revised with tests and assessments in place. Each class level news has been written up for you in the pages to follow. Do take time to read because their teachers have some specific requests and expectations which need the  parents’ support. 

As this is the final term, a lot is being covered. Please make sure your child/children do attend school as absences will definitely affect his/her performances for the Annual Report.


  • Full preparation on tests and assessments are being covered for all previous terms.
  • All three term reports will be included for final assessment for 2019 school year.
  • Non-academic areas will also be included in the final report.
  • Only fully paid-up pupils will qualify to receive their reports.
  • Absence from school will be significantly noted so make sure your child attends school.

2. END OF YEAR CONCERT/CHRISTMAS PARTY: Wednesday 4th December, 10am – 12:30 pm at the School Hall. The school retires for classes after this event.

School year ends on Friday 6 December.

Concert Presentations, Awards & Prizes, Santa Claus Gifts, Raffle Draws and farewells will be had!


3. TEACHER IN-SERVICE: Thursday 5th to Thursday 12th. School staff retire for the year on Friday 13th December 2019.

4. 2020 SCHOOL FEE SCHEDULE: 2020 fees will be announced by 13th December. Commencement Date for next school year is January 27th 2020.

5. INTERNATIONAL CHILDREN’S DAY: Wednesday  November 20th – children to celebrate at school.

6. HALLOWEEN PARTY: What a successful and fun-filled event! Smiles and joys all around. Well done! 

Now let me take you inside the classroom to read about your beautiful children. Enjoy and share with your friends and families. Should you have any suggestions please do not hesitate to hand them into the office. This is our school. All things considered fair and reasonable. Thanks.

Grades class building words from letters

Play-Pre creating crafts on air transport

Winding down at school on a Friday


Hello and greetings from the Play-Pre class!

Jolly Phonics: Play-Pre’s are now familiar with their sounds of Jolly Phonics Vol. 1 “s a t i p n” and Vol. 2 “c, k, e, h, r, m, d” and can say their Jolly Phonics Vol. 2 tongue twister.

They can spell their tricky words and can sound and blend their two and three letter words.

Maths: Play Pre’s can count and write their numbers 0-10 and can now spell them. They are familiar with the plus sign, the takeaway sign and equals sign and can identify the operation by the sign given shapes and colours.

Shapes and Colours: Play-Pre’s can identify the shapes and colours and are able to say them confidently.

Library: Play-Pre’s have been borrowing well and are reading their books. We encourage our kind parents to continue sending their bags with the reading books on time, so the teachers won’t hesitate to allow them to borrow books every Wednesday.

Thank you all.

Mrs Matui and Ms Rutera – Class Teachers & Caregivers



Hello everyone, we are glad to share some news with you.

Term 4 Programme: All tests and assessments are done, however normal lessons and homework will continue until end of week 7.

Highlights: Some children have worked hard this term and have changed a lot in their behaviours namely; Warelyn Vele, Terry Paul, Alexander Krimbu, Kiniamota Veali, Tyrone Wavut Torea, Paetyndorra Kaidong and Jenevieve Johnny.

Report Cards: I am in the process of writing the students report cards, at the end of week 6 all report cards will be submitted to the Principal for her final reports.

Student Portfolios: End of week 7 all activity book and portfolios will be given to your child to bring home. The portfolios contain all their test, assignments and other activity papers.

Concert Preparations: Please assist your child with their concert costumes for the Term 4 concert. All costumes must be brought to school by week 8 for dress rehearsals.

Red shirt and black trousers/legging: McClyde Kulu, Jenevieve Johnny, Tai Paita, Abigail Paska, Bruce Kaidong.

Yellow shirt and black trousers/legging: Paetyndorra Kaidong, Dylan Firibae, Kiniamota Veali, Nancy Longstaff, Tyrone Torea

Green shirt and black trousers/legging: Warelyn Vele, Joshua Sourang, Terry Paul, Niue Megan Woolcock

Blue shirt and black trousers/legging: Joseph Max, Dauncy Jack, Lailac Baining, Julius Niligur, Caesar Adema

White shirt and black trousers/legging: Savannah Lapan, Gairo Gerega, Alexander Krimbu, Nicole Nelson

Santa’s Bag: Parents will have to buy a little gift for their own child to be put in Santa’s bag. On the concert day Santa will give your child’s gift to them. All the gifts must be brought to school by week 8. It is a surprise, please don’t tell your child what you have for them. Secretly pass the gift to the teacher.

Concert Scripts: Your child will get their scripts in week 7. Please help practise with your child.

Fundraising: There will be fundraising raffle tickets selling here at the school. Our main purpose is to raise funds for our new library books for our school. Anyone wanting to buy tickets please see Mrs Tione or the class teachers. There are 10 prizes to be won. One of our prizes will be a food hamper. Teachers and students will contribute towards this prize. Each teacher and child will bring a dry good. Notice will be given to your child.

Thank you for spending your time reading our news.

Mrs Mea – Class Teacher

School visit from Ilimo Dairy

Grades class with their Health assignment…

…revision from Term 1. Here’s a closeup!


Hello everyone and welcome to our class insights.

Lessons and Activities: So far this term, we have done revisions from our previous lesson. Since week one of this term, we have been doing revisions of units selected from Terms 1, 2 and 3. Our children have also been challenged with a few additional topics, especially in English, Science and Social Studies. We are on Operations in Maths and Behaviours in Health.

Assessment and Reporting: The final set of assessments for this shall be given in week six so that marks can compiled. I will be writing our final reports by week seven. Please ensure that your child submits all assignments or take-home tasks.

Attendance and Punctuality: I would like to bring this to your attention. Can we please ensure that our children attend school daily? Couple of students seem to be absent every week.

Concert: We will begin our concert preparations as soon as we complete all our assessments.

Halloween: Thank you so much for allowing your children to participate and have fun in this year’s Halloween Special. We all had fun.

Thank you.

Mr Mea – Class Teacher

Just a few of the wonderful costumes that the children wore for Halloween!


Greetings Parents and Guardians.

Recapping from the Library’s last news item in Newsletter #8, our Library exercises should help students identify words, enhance their memory as well as recognise and understand the importance of reading.

Memory Enhancement and Understanding: In our effort to enhance the memory and understanding of the students, the Library prepared Reading and Comprehension exercises this term.

Prep and Grade 1’s were told a story titled, “Why Dogs Cannot Talk.” The story was told in three parts and each part had 2 to 3 questions relating to the story. Students answered the questions as best as they could according to their listening, understanding and memory.

Grades Class were given Reading and Comprehension homework that the Library prepared. These exercises were based on articles from the National newspaper. Students were encouraged to involve their parents, guardian, brothers, sisters to help them understand the articles and complete the exercises.

Recognition Identification and Spelling: Preps and Grade 1’s was tasked to write their name, their grade and their age on paper and to copy selected words and sentences repeatedly. Grades Class were put into three groups according to their month of birth. They then studied and read a book in their groups then were given words and definition cards to match.

Another exercise was scrabble which was new to all the Grades class students. Letter cards were given for them to form a new word out of a word format by the Librarian. It was challenging and really got the students to think very hard.

Borrowing days for the library is on Thursday. Library selects the book for students. Notes indicate to write own words the students cannot identify immediately so we can go through during Library. Notes also indicate when to return library book. Books to be returned the following Thursday.

Thank you for supporting your children in their learning experience and we anticipate more of your continued support.

Mrs Jabri – Librarian



Hello and welcome back!

I would like to take this time to let our dear parents know that the school will be selling Raffle Tickets as of today and they are going for K5/ticket or K50/book. The draw date is on our Concert Day, Wednesday 4th December 2019.

We are also asking our parents to assist us with Raffle Prizes and the selling of the Raffle Tickets. Please contact the school should you be able to assist. We appreciate your support.

  • School Fees outstanding must be settled as soon as possible.
  • Remember that your child will not be given his/her report and transfer letter until all fees are settled.
  • Should you wish to transfer your child to a new school, you must let the office know so this is prepared in time.
  • Information regarding enrolments for 2020 will be announced at the end of the Term 4 concert.

Thank you and have a blessed day.

Mrs Tione – Registrar

Halloween was a fun time to be had by all, but beware the creepy ghouls and ghosts! Scary!

I take this opportunity to ask you all to please allow some time to read the contents of this newsletter because there are some specific requests and important information for all parents and guardians. For your children’s sake do this for them please. Hope you like what you have read and we would love to hear your thoughts as they are important to us.

Until next issue, all have a blessed day now and always. Thank you all.

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