Mr Gari

Specialist Teacher in Middle SectorTeacher for over 30 years in public/private schoolsInvolved with Bava School since 2012

My name is Mr Michael Gari and I hail from Central Province. In my 30+ years as a teacher, it has been my life experience that teaching should not be about money, but about commitment and passion to educate children and young adults. These days, I feel teachers in public schools are not ingrained with the same drive we had when we started our careers.

In private schools like Bava International, it is the opposite. Due to the competitive, results-driven environment, teachers have to work hard and be innovative and creative as trends change. With access to the internet, information is ever-changing – so too should the curriculums taught in schools to keep up to date. Bava’s curriculum is always up-to-date and moving forward. Keeping abreast of new ideas and teaching methods, we utilise them with the children we teach so they have an advantage when they leave our school and excel in their future classrooms.

At Bava we have had many success stories of children skipping classes as they were “too advanced.” For us, that was the level they needed to be at. We only settle for the best for our students here at Bava International School.