Our School

Bava International School, previously known as Bava Street Kindergarten has been operating under its current direction and management for over 20 years.

From our most humble beginnings we have come a long way to our present state, especially when the school had to be physically relocated and reconstructed under new management.

Our school aims to achieve the following:

  1. To enhance the child’s Physical Development
  2. To develop the child Socially and Emotionally
  3. To enhance Cognitive Development

Programs and activities are designed such that the children’s minds are kept alert and digestive at the same time stimulating them to enjoy whatever they learn. To achieve this requires a lot of energy, patience and understanding.

Looking after little children this age can be quite a responsibility, but can be a pleasurable experience if one takes the time and interest to enjoy and understand them. It is the mission of Bava International School to provide such a learning experience for its pupils.

To read more about our specific classes, please click here: Our Programs