Testimonial 3

I first learnt of how superior Bava International School was when I first enrolled my first born child (Alice Daniel) at the school about 17 years ago in 1995. When my daughter left Bava International School in 1998 after successfully completing Grade 3 to continue her schooling from 1999 onward when she switched-over to the PNG Curriculum, she has since then not looked back until now when she is doing her third year Bachelor in Fisheries & Marine Resources Management at the University of Natural Resources & Environment (UNRE), hoping to graduate next year 2013.

Because of the above success story of my daughter and also; from my personal observation of the IEA Curriculum, Materials and Activities offered at the school, I highly recommend Bava International School to those parents who want the best for their children’s early learning.

Bava International School is indeed a very unique International School and to attest to that; I again enrolled another child of mine at the school since 2007 at Preparatory Year level up until now.

One thing that stands out also at Bava International School is the ratio of teacher to students which plays to the great advantage of the children as compared to other similar schools in NCD and I believe throughout the country as well.


  • February 7, 2012

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