Testimonial 4

In 2004 enrolling Abigail Kauma, our niece, at your school while enrolling our own daughter Shirley Ben at a different school gave us the comparison of their progress academically and socially. We saw that Abigail was happier and enjoyed her school work than Shirley. Eventually it dawned on us that something was missing, it was that special attention-the love your school gives that was missing in her former school. Once we enrolled Shirley to your school she was the happiest person and everything else fell in place.

We also enrolled Charlie Patini my last born brother at your school who was a boy from the village where they hardly speak English. At your school he spoke English fluently within the year and achieved the excellent grades.

Our children love coming to your school. Our son Donovan even asked us if he can be a boarder at your school after the sleepover at your school due to the last heavy rain in POM damaging our car and causing traffic jam that we couldn’t make it to come and pick them.

We can confidently say that the foundation of performing academically well is build at your school. Abigail and Charlie have shown and are showing at their primary and secondary respectively maintaining the high achievements and even taking the leadership roles. We believe it will be the same with our own children Shirley, Donovan and Paul and all the other students who attend Bava International Pre School.

We are so thankful to our Lord that it is blessing that our children attend your school. We pray May the Lord continue to Blessed you, your teachers, administration and management in running the school and reach out to so many families.


  • May 16, 2012

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