Newsletter 5, Term 3 2021

It always gives me much pleasure to share the stories of our children to parents and guardians. Yes, everyday at school so much happens. We learn as much as we can while we teach and care for them…

Newsletter 4, Term 2 2021

Certainly things have changed drastically due to Covid-19 impacts everywhere and our school is no exception. Can you believe we are already only a few more weeks away before ending this current term?

Newsletter 6, Term 3 2020

Seasonal greetings to everyone! Hope all  of you are well and smiling! By the way this is only a brief letter to inform you all with the remaining activities of this term.

Newsletter 4, Term 2 2020

We miss you all especially our dear little ones! We are equally and especially pleased to have most of you back, although quite a substantial number of children are still pending…