Want To Join The Bava Family?

If you want the best for your child in 2024, we welcome you to enrol your child at Bava International School today!

Our School Fee Schedule for the 2024 Academic Year can be found below.

Week 5-6 Activities 013
Week 5-6 Activities 036

2024 School Fees

(All fees are priced in PGK)
Class Term Instalments Total Instalment 1 Instalment 2 Instalment 3 Instalment 4
Payment Due Date See dates to right 29/01/2024 08/04/2024 15/07/2024 30/09/2024
Playschool (Half-day) K4,950 K1,683 K1,089 K1,089 K1,089
Playschool (Full-day) K10,200 K3,468 K2,244 K2,244 K2,244
Preschool K10,200 K3,468 K2,244 K2,244 K2,244
Prep K10,800 K3,672 K2,376 K2,376 K2,376
Grades 1 - 4 K11,100 K3,774 K2,442 K2,442 K2,442
Administration Fee Amount
Enrolment Fee (non-refundable) K300 per child
Refund of fees upon student withdrawal K300 per child

Optional Fees

At Bava School we also offer the following services to assist in the day-to-day care-taking of your child.

Optional Extra Cost
Canteen Meal (One-Off Order) K20 / day
Canteen Meals (Prepaid) K1000 / term
Transport Service (One way) K600 / term
Transport Service (Pick-up & Drop-off) K1200 / term

Canteen meals include freshly prepared meals with a drink for both morning and lunch. Our menu is posted near the front desk weekly.

Bus Route services Boroko, Korobosea, Koki, Waigani, Tokarara and Hohola areas. We do not service Gerehu, Hanuabada, or areas outside the city. Surcharge may apply to areas outside serviceable limits at our discretion.

Uniform Fees

Item Unit Price
School Shirt / Shorts K50
School Dress K100
Sports Shirt / Shorts K50
School Socks K15
School Hat K30
Library Bag K20
Starter Kit* K400

*Starter Kits are for new students. It contains:

  • 2x School Sets (2x School Shirts & 2x School Shorts OR 2x School Dress)
  • 1x Sports Set (1x Sports Shirt & 1x Sports Short)
  • 2x Socks
  • 1x School Hat
  • 1x Library Bag

What Your Fees Include

  1. Seasoned tuition by highly trained qualified teachers & carers with progressive and innovative curriculum essentials.
  2. Computer offline & online programs, softwares (Audio & Video).
  3. All stationery supplied, including learning aids such as TV, DVDs, CDs, etc.
  4. A fully furnished pupil and teacher-resource library.
  5. Weekly swimming & added outdoor activities.
  6. Termly excursions, educational visits + picnic outings.
  7. Sincerely innovative & progressive lessons with lively themes.
  8. Unbeatable teacher-to-pupil ratio at all levels.
  9. Specialises in Jolly Phonics syllabus for its english language programs and other core programs in maths and science are current & updated every term.
  10. Teachers are in-serviced weekly and termly.
  11. *Bava School specialises in early childhood care & education.
  12. **These fees justify the quality & excellent educational learning experiences with love & care provided by our highly trained dedicated staff & management.

Ready To Enrol Your Child?

To begin enrolling your child at Bava, please download the enrolment form by clicking the red button below.

Fill out the form and email it to us at office@bavaschool.com or bring it into the school during school hours.

We look forward to welcoming you into our Bava family!


School Fee Terms & Conditions

  • The Enrolment Fee is NON–REFUNDABLE. This must be paid with the term/year school fees upon registration.
  • If a child enrols anytime from Week 1 to Week 5 of a school term, the full Term Instalment fee will be charged.
  • For those enrolling from Week 6 onwards throughout a term, they will be billed only for the remaining weeks of that term.
  • If a child is enrolled in Term 2, 3 or 4 the First Instalment Payment will be applied for that term.
  • No child is given access to the school until their assigned fees are paid in full (Early Bird, Full Year or First Instalment).
  • If paying by instalments, each fee instalment is due prior to the commencement of the corresponding school term.
  • A grace period of only one week into the new term is permitted. Failure to pay outstanding term fees in full after this period will see your child suspended from class and the school environment unless a prior arrangement is made with school management.
  • No refunds are permitted once enrolled for the school year, unless the paying parent/guardian is transferred to another Province or some other unforeseen and unfortunate circumstance has occurred. A refund fee will apply in eligible cases.
  • If the child has been medically certified ill and can no longer attend school, a refund may be considered at the principal’s discretion.
  • One month’s notice in writing must be provided to the school prior to voluntarily withdrawing a student’s enrolment.
  • If a school fee payment was made by the paying parents’ or guardian’s employer, any refund will be made to the employer/company, only after meeting the above criteria.