Grades 2 - 4 (8 – 12 yrs)

At Bava School the Multi-Grades class is comprised of students from Grades 2 through to 4. This clustered learning approach lends students to an accelerated form of learning, where younger peers are exposed to higher-level content through a shared effect in the classroom and older students consolidate their previously learned knowledge by helping their younger friends.

In these classes more advanced material is taught to suit the current theme of the term. Topics covered in previous years are expanded upon, letting children work their brains as they recall the knowledge they have already learnt to build upon it. Concepts taught in the classroom are then adapted into role-plays that are presented at end-of-term concerts, created with help from the students themselves.

Meet The Teacher

Mr Mea
Head Teacher

Key Skill Development:

  • Higher level reading
  • Greater confidence
  • A sense of morals and ethics
  • Academic (writing, attention, scientific, mathematical and language)

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