Helping Your Child to Stop Stealing

There are many moments in your life as a parent that you may feel distressed.

Learning that your child is stealing can be one of the most devastating experiences. While older kids might steal owing to peer pressure, younger ones might be doing it without even realizing that it is wrong.

Never Accuse Your Child

Unless you have seen your kid steal or have heard about it from someone whom you absolutely trust, do not accuse your kid of the same. Sometimes your kid could be a victim of false accusations or a misunderstanding.

Say Clearly That He or She Has Done A Wrong Thing

Kids have to know that the act of stealing is not acceptable. You must tell them that this action of theirs is a wrong one and it could have them land in prison.

Keep Your Cool

Do not raise your voice, use a cane or jab at your kid at any point of time. You need to make your kid realize his wrong move, without forcing him to say that he will not steal again, just out of fear.

Ask Your Kid To Mend The Wrong:

If your kid accepts that he was stealing, tell him to apologize to the person from whom he stole. Offer a small gift to that person to mend the hard feelings. This can be a humiliating experience for your kid, which would help him stay away from stealing once for all.

Forgive Your Kid:

Though this is a painful issue for you to face as a parent, you need to convey it to your child that you still love him and have forgiven him. You can give your kid a hug and a kiss which will help them refrain from doing it again, if he has done it for gaining attention.

Find Out The Root Cause:

If you wish to stop your child from stealing you must look at the root cause which triggered this action.If your kid is in the wrong company, talk with his teacher and make sure he is not in contact with that friend.

Stay Attached To Your Kid

Switch off your mobile phones and laptops for some time and have a heart to heart time with your kids. This will help you get attached to your kids and offer them enough love. This would help your kid to stop the practice of stealing and discuss about their needs to you.

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