Newsletter 2, Term 1 2021


Follow COVID-19 health protocols to keep safe during this time!

Due to the sudden lock down of all schools in NCD and the country everyone has to oblige and follow suit with the COVID-19 Protocol and Bava School is no exception!

In fact the 10 weeks of lesson programs for this term have been completed with tests and assessments. This week the children were to continue their preparations and practices for the end of the Term concert. Let me outline what has been completed for your information for the rest of this term and the next one.

1. Term 1 Program: complete with tests & assessments in place.

2. Term 1 Report Cards: are now being completed but will not be released this term.

3. Parent/Teacher Interviews: If you feel you need to discuss any issues relating to your child, call 325 8715 or email to make an appointment with your child’s teacher first through Mrs Tione please.

4. End of the Term Concert: Thursday April 1 Now Cancelled. Since Friday April 2 will be the Good Friday/Public Holiday. We sincerely regret the children once again who cannot perform their concert just like last year! It is all for a good reason to ensure the good health and safety for all of us from this COVID-19 Pandemic!

*Easter Bunnies/Baskets – we hope you like what your children with their teachers made for you! Happy Easter! 

5. Term 1 Holiday: Commences April 5 – 9 ends. Sorry it is now the second time I will not be able to share my birthday with my lovely children at the school!

6. Teacher In-Service: 3 days: 6th, 7th, 8th & Friday 9th may be a half day only. Make sure to book any interview appointment during this period.

7. Term Two: 11 weeks Duration from April 12 – June 18. *Tuition Fees are ready for payment anytime before the term starts.

*We can still accommodate the normal 10 weeks term programs accordingly despite the lockdown period taking into account.

Let me now take you inside the school classrooms to your children and their teachers to share their stories with you!

Ms Heagi & Mrs Matui preparing homework for the lower sector.

Ms Rutera in the library also provides homework and books for borrowing.


This section has completed the term requirements and the last 2 weeks were to practise for the end of the term concert now cancelled!
Homework is prepared for parents to collect from school.

  • Parents please do help your child with them.
  • Pick up day is Tuesday,  starting 23rd March 2021.
  • Please drop off when it is done.

Thank you!

Ms Heagi & Ms Matui – Class Teachers



Greetings all, I am glad to share some updates from our class.

Classroom Activity

We have covered all our lessons for Term 1 and done all revisions and assessments.

Homework: Tuesdays for Pick up

Remember the children who are yet to hand in their projects and homework to bring back on Tuesday.

Attention and Discipline

So far the children have shown good behaviour. Please parents/guardians do continue to advise and encourage your child to maintain the good behaviour from home, school and elsewhere.

Attendance and Punctuality

Needs improvement in this area.


Encourage your child to drink or bring a bottle of water every day to school to have with their lunch. Water is healthier than the soft drinks and highly sugary drinks.

Student Attire

So far the children have been coming in their proper school uniforms. Discourage your child from wearing slippers or sandals to school unless they have a sore on their feet. This is part of the training the school ensures its children to have pride in themselves too!

Teacher-Parent Interview

Please inform Mrs Tione if you are coming for TPI with the class teacher.

Thank you and stay safe.

Mrs Mea – Class Teacher

Mrs Mea preparing homework - please don’t forget to pick up!

Mr Mea finishing reports and preparing holiday work folders.


Hello once again and welcome to our class highlights for this edition of our School Newsletter.


I am pleased to say that this term, we have covered most of our Units, as programmed. We are supposed to be doing revision lessons for these remaining weeks for the end of the term concert.

Holiday Work

I will be preparing weekly work for your child to do. Please do come to the school on Tuesdays to pick up his/her homework folder.

Tests and Assessments

All Tests and Assessment activities for this term have been completed. However, I am still waiting on a few children to submit their Health and Science assignments. Remember, failure to submit will result in losing academy points.

Term One Report 2021: But will not be released.

After compiling all marks, I will then write reports for Term 1. This report should depict how your child has performed during the term.

Teacher-Parent Interview

This is a very important conference because it enables both school and home to gather to share and discuss issues and concerns regarding our children. Please call Mrs Tione to make your appointments. *PH: 325 8715

General Behaviour

I am reminding and encouraging all parents and guardians to continue to guide and advice and monitor your child.  I always speak to them and share my experiences with them and I hope and pray for them to realise and improve for the better.

Attendance and Punctuality

Most of my students come to school on time.  However, there are few who still come late. I want my children to come on time as this is a school rule as well as a positive start to a child’s day at school.

Finally, let me say that all students in my class are coping well. They have shown improvements in their work and I am sure that they will continue to do so in future. Let us help them to achieve this. Thank you.

Mr Mea – Class Teacher



Hello parents and guardians. During this time of lockdown let us all rise in practising our safety measures and be serious with it. Our students are at home in good hands. Our school library is open for children to borrow books to read at home during this lockdown. *There is also homework for the children that can be collected from the library.

Thank you.

Ms Rutera – Librarian



Welcome back to another edition of our newsletter.

Many events have taken place in this Term. One of them is the passing of our great Leader and our Nation’s Founding Father, the Late Grand Chief Sir Michael Thomas Somare. The Principal on behalf of us all with her son Ira prepared a moving tribute to him in a video on the school Facebook Page to celebrate and mourn his legacy! 

We are so proud of our school who represents our past and present children and their families who came to school!

May his soul rest in peace.

Secondly, the ongoing COVID-19 rise is alarming here in NCD and other parts of the country with over 3000 cases. Please make sure to follow COVID-19 protocols to keep safe.

The school is open as usual for staff and teachers so please communicate with us through telephone and emails.
(325 8715 & email

Homework will be prepared and will be ready on Tuesdays for pickup.

Thank you and stay safe.

Mrs Tione – Registrar

Finally and warmly,

I do sincerely hope that you are still able to receive and read the contents of this newsletter to update yourselves with what has been happening and planned for this term and the next! The COVID-19 pandemic has once again taken us all at task. Please follow the rules and be healthy and keep everyone within your reach to safety from the biggest challenge we have ever experienced, I believe in the health/medical industry! 

Do not forget to contact the school to pick up homework during this lockdown period. Thank you once again and see you all soon!

Be kind and safe,

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