Newsletter 2, Term 1 2022


Lovely smiles from the boys in the Grades class!

Exactly a month today we last communicated this way from the Principal. This time you will have the opportunity to see and read some learning experiences by your children during the last 4 weeks or so! The first term of each is the hardest but exciting and challenging at the same time. New families and children come to join our big Bava family. First of all I wish to thank everyone for all your efforts in settling down our dear little children into the school year. Amazing how they are beginning to find themselves making friendships and enjoying their learning experiences at the same time.

Communicating via newsletters like this is extremely valuable because we share what your children are doing at the school. Many times we also post them on our Facebook Page and we invite you to follow us to share in the joys your children are experiencing at the school. Before I get to their classroom news, let me point out some important announcements and reminders for your forward planning. I ask that you find some good time to read the contents because this involves you taking note of important updates and may require your attention and action!


This is week 6 and we are right in the middle of Term 1. Much has been achieved regardless of the weather, at times forcing some children unable to attend. However necessary homework are still prepared for parents to pick up in such situations. It is an equal responsibility for both the school and the child’s parents/guardians.


The School has a specific school class structure under its age groupings. Visit www.bavaschool.com for specific details.

Ages 2-4 are in Playschool: this does not mean the child is playing with toys and singing rhymes and going to sleep. They are engaged in school work from numeracy to literacy at their levels. They are also introduced to the Jolly Phonics system. A child must pass the Bava standard assessment before qualifying to the Preschool level (4-5 years old).

*There have been a few instances where parents demand their small children to upgrade. If you have any issues, please do write formally to the Principal so that appropriate guidance is given to avoid any unnecessary misunderstanding and disappointments. We can respect each other’s rightful roles in educating and taking care of our children. Bava has been in this business for 31 years! Please register with the front desk to arrange a proper consultation. Thank you.

3. End of Term:

Friday 8 April. We may hold an End of Term Concert to mark this date so keep your ears peeled! We invite our parents/guardians to be entertained by what the teachers and children have achieved together! Due to Covid-19, only 1 member of a family will be permitted to attend. Specific details to follow soon.

4. Term 1 Holiday:

Monday 11 – 15 April (Good Friday – Public Holiday.)

5. Term 2:

Starts Monday 18 April. This is a public holiday (Easter Monday) so school will resume on Tuesday 19 April.

Learning the “Sss” sound in Jolly Phonics in Playschool

Exploring the sense of taste and the difference between sweet and sour


During the Holiday week Teacher In-Service will be conducted.

7. Term Fees (Second Installments):

Are already due for payment and to be paid before the second term starts on Tuesday 19 April. Invoices will be distributed now to give you enough time to prepare.

8. HomeLink:

Please kindly check comments and respond.

9. Uniform Orders:

Have been made and we are awaiting the shipment and delivery.

10. Swimming Pool Repair:

Due to supply chain issues and Covid-19 the order has been delayed in Brisbane for a new liner!

Let me now take you inside the classrooms to share the news of your children.

11. PLAYSCHOOL Class – Ms Matui:

Hello and welcome to Bava for our new and continuing students. It’s been quite a few weeks, with weeks 1 and 2 spent trying to settle the playschoolers and getting the children into a routine of what to do every morning. Now we are in week 5, and the children have settled down well and doing their class activities. 

Let’s see what the playschool students are up to?

Jolly Phonics Vol 1 (s a t i p n)
The playschoolers are learning their sounds with the actions and singing their rhymes. The children can associate pictures to the sounds as well.

Numbers 0-5 & Shapes and Colours
The playschoolers are saying and counting their numbers 0-5.
They love to sing their numbers rhymes and count objects. The shapes and colours are core practices of their everyday morning drills.

Science and Social Studies
The playschoolers have learned about their body parts and  can name them. Now we have moved on to the 5 Senses. They will be learning what the 5 senses are: see, smell, hear,  taste and feel. We will explore how the 5 senses work and how we use them. As for Social Studies the playschoolers are aware of their family tree, including their mum and dad, brothers, sisters and themselves.

These are some of the activities and topics the playschoolers are learning at school. You can see their activities displayed along the hallway as you enter the school.

Reminder to our lovely parents. Children will bring some homework for you to help them at home.

Thank you!

Ms Matui – Class Teachers

Rainy days are inspiration for weather related arts and crafts

Brightening up the gloomy days by bringing the rain to life!


Hello from the Preschool class!
Since Weeks 1 – 4 all students have settled in well in class. The students are now doing their work independently. They have done lots of activities in the weeks leading up to today.

Jolly Phonics Vol 1 (s a t i p n)
The students know the sounds and names of the letters and how to form or write them as well.

Maths – Numbers and Shapes
The students now know their numbers 0 – 5 and basic shapes. By now they can say their formation poems on each number and shape.

Combined Subject
We have covered the following topics: My Home, My Family,  My School, My Body, My Body Listens, My Healthy Living on how to wash hands. So far students are able to recite their poems about My Body Listens, including songs about my home and poems about my family.

Thank you to parents who have been making time to help with your children with their home activities and also giving us feedback on your child’s progress at home.
Homework days are on Fridays.

Thank you and stay safe.

Ms Heagi – Class Teacher
13. PREP & GRADE 1 CLASS – Mrs Mea:

Greetings and welcome everyone!
I am Mrs Mea the class teacher in charge of the middle sector.
I am glad to see your child enjoying the past 5 weeks of this term in the Preparatory Class.
So far we have done well in settling all our continuing and new students in class. Our lessons are taught and activities are done accordingly as planned.
Homework is given to each child to do after school, please kindly check and assist your child. Do also write a comment and sign inside their homework books as well please.
Termly assessments will be given this week to each child on all subject areas: English, Maths, Science, Social Studies and Health.
The library is open for borrowing, however please purchase a library bag for your child to borrow a book every Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Thank you.

Mrs Mea – Class Teacher

Science Practical " Senses" in the Grades class

Students learn how the sense of sight is linked to sense of smell


Hello everyone and welcome to our class insights for this newsletter. All students in the cluster grades have settled in well and our lessons are in full swing.
We have done some simple practicals during our Science lessons. The children had fun with the eye test and colour test charts. We also had a wonderful lesson on the Sense of Smell. A special thank you to all our parents for your assistance.
The children have already begun their unit tests for topics completed.  We are doing weekly revisions prior to Tests.
I am asking parents to check children’s books regularly and write any comments in their respective home link books.
Will share more in the next letter.

Thank you.

Mr Mea – Class Teacher

15. Library Corner – Ms Rutera:

Hello everyone and welcome back!

Our Library borrowing has started up again. Children are welcome to borrow on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Only students who have library bags are allowed to borrow books. Bags are available for purchase at the school office.

Thank you.

Ms Rutera – Library Teacher
12. Registrar – Mrs Tione:

Hi and Welcome to this edition of our Newsletter. Special thanks to our hardworking teachers who have won the hearts of our little ones in the lower sector for settling them in the first two weeks.

Bava International School has been doing this for the last 31 years and the team have done it again. Thank you.

If you have any suggestions, please do not hesitate to communicate them with the school. For those children in need of sport uniforms, especially in playschool and preschool, we are currently out of stock for sizes 3/4 and 5/6. The next order will be available in 2 months time.  Please kindly bear with us as we await delivery.

Thank you and stay safe.

Mrs Tione – Registrar

“My Body Movements” in Preschool

Lemon is sour… it belongs on the right side!

Enjoying the playground outside

Bouncing on the trampoline

Testing our vision with an eye & colour chart

It’s harder than it looks, but we have sharp eyes!

I hope you have put aside some quality time to read the contents of this important newsletter as there are matters of interest and importance for your immediate attention and actions.

Should you find something interesting to share with us please do not hesitate to let us know. You may wish to offer and come and tell us a story or show and tell activity! Let us know?

Until next time, stay healthy and keep safe and Covid-19 free!

Peace be with you all!

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