Newsletter 3, Term 1 2019


University of PNG - School of Medicine Students attached to Child Health Education, observing the Play/Preschool children at Bava.

The weather has not been that kind at times, but we all have been diligent and up to speed with our children’s educational and care needs. Thank you again. Before I take you inside the classrooms to share the stories of your lovely children, let me briefly outline the rest of this term’s commitments. Most of which I have mentioned in the previous newsletters. By the time you read this, some of them have already been done.

    • The month of March has been quite a busy one. Polio Vaccination programs and assessments/tests/homework for children have been in full swing.
    • Thursday 14—Friday 15 & Thu 21—Fri 22, Annual UPNG Health students will be at the school to study and observe our Play/Preschool age groups.
    • Rescheduled times for each division: Lunches, swimming activities and the use of the back playground/trampoline. The dropping off of children by the school bus.
    • Preparations/Rehearsals for the End of Term Concert on Friday 29 March.
    • Most of all but not the least, is that the little ones in Play/Preschool have  settled in, which is good news!
    • Term 2 Commences on Monday 8 April. All fees must be paid in full before returning.
    • Teacher In-Service will be between 1—5 April during the holiday week.
    • Teacher-Parent Interviews can be arranged on Tuesday 2nd, Wednesday 3rd and Thursday 4th April (holiday week). *By prior appointment only.
    • The Reports for this term will not be released until end of Term 2.
  • Global Money Week from 25—31 March Art Competition by CEFI (Centre for Excellence in Financial Inclusion) in collaboration with Bank of PNG. From Grades 1- 12, however we regret to inform that our children are not able to participate due to time constraints.

*** Anything new will be posted on the wall or FB Page for all to see.

1. PLAY-PRESCHOOL Ms Heagi/Mrs Matui/Mrs Kone:

We have been working very hard but very well also. We have already finished our lessons we set ourselves to do this term. Now we are doing revision in Phonics and Numbers.

    • SATIPN/PHONICS – The children are beginning to get familiar with the sounds, action songs and pictures of same.
    • NUMBERS – Playschool are doing well with 0-5 counters. Edward Temo, Julia Johnny and Artherson need more help. They are youngest and newest at the school.
    • All are doing fine with their Colours and Shapes! Well done children!
    • HOMEWORK – Children will now not be taking home work as of this week.
    • CONCERT – Help is needed with children coming home with Scripts. Rehearsal is now in  progress already.
    • COSTUMES – All children to wear plain blue t-shirt and black long pants please.
  • PRESCHOOL – Help with Daddy/Mummy Phone Numbers please?

Thank you!

Ms Heagi, Mrs Matui and Ms Kone

Students in Play/Pre made tasty patty cakes!

Celebrating Joshua’s birthday in Prep/Gr 1!

Mmmm yum! These fruit kebabs are delicious!

2. PREP/GRADE 1 – Mrs Mea/Mr Gari:

Hello everyone, we are pleased to share some news with you.

    • All assessments are ongoing and should be done by end of Week 7 followed by the compiling of students’ reports.
    • Your child will be coming home with concert scripts and costume notes. Please kindly assist your children with these special requests.
    • A few students who worked harder in the past weeks are showing good leadership potential: Savannah Lapan, Gairo Gerega, Lailac Baining, Nancy Longstaff, Dauncy Jack, Dylan Firibae and Paetyndorra Kaidong. The rest are slowly showing great interest in school and are trying their best to participate and improve themselves. Well done everyone!
  • Mathematics/Science – This term’s work is only a start we wish to show case in the coming Concert on 29 March. Next term will be a more challenging and interesting one.

Thank you.

Mrs Mea and Mr Gari


Hello to all our dear parents & guardians. Welcome to our insights for this newsletter.

Our children in the Grades have been coping well with their lessons. We have done a lot of revision work recently with very good feedback from the students themselves. However, several things need your attention:

Concert Preparation – March 29 Friday

Your child may have come home with his/her script this week. Please do assist them with rehearsing it for the concert. Our colour is red for this term. Each child is requested to bring the following costumes.

    • 1x roundneck t-shirt
    • 1x black trousers/shorts (boys) or 1x leggings (girls)
    • A pair of white socks
  • Extra costumes are requested only for those students performing the Health item.

**Please do see me for more information if you have any queries regarding the costumes.

Library and Home Reading Program

I am glad to say that almost all the students are involved in this program. The involvement of parents/guardians is also very good. Let us keep doing the best for our children’s sake.

Tests & Assessments

This week is the final week for assessment for term 1. All students must be present in class. A special thank you to all who assisted your children with our Health/English tasks on “The Poetic Me.” Everyone did well.

Teacher – Parent Interviews

This shall be conducted during the Term 1 holidays (April 1–5). I will send out notices to parents in due time for this very important session.

Thank you and until next time.

Mr Mea 

Healthy, delicious lunches from the canteen

Prep/Gr 1 students in class with Mr. Gari

Prep/Gr 1 students making arts & crafts


Welcome back good families!

As we draw nearer to end of Term 1, we are all looking forward to the outcomes from the children and their class teachers. I am sure you all feel the same. Maybe some surprises?

The children have had some great birthday celebrations with lots of fun at the school. Their photos were uploaded on the school Facebook page. Do like our page to see these photos!

*Should you wish to celebrate your child’s birthday, please inform his/her class teacher in advance.

The Polio Team visited us and provided vaccinations. Thank you to those who participated.

TERM SCHOOL FEES – Due for payment

**All invoices have been issued. Please enquire at the school office if you have not received yours. All fees must be paid before the 8th of April 2019.


    • Late pick-ups. Please do not keep your child waiting. You will be charged K20 and it has to be paid on the spot. From 7:30am to 2:30pm (pickup by 3pm).
    • Uniforms. Every child must wear school uniforms from Monday to Thursday.
    • Friday is a sports day. Sports Uniforms are to be worn please.
    • Friday is a half day.  7:30am to 12:00pm.
    • Canteen K20 lunch order for both meals served with drinks.
  • Transport pickup and drop off is K1000/term or drop off only K500 per child/term. Please inquire for more info.

Thank you, until next time.

Mrs Tione 

Upper Grades learning about the human body

Children enjoying the refurbished playground

We can’t wait to see you at the Term Concert!

I am so glad that you have now read some news about your children and how they are doing. There is just so much to share on these mere pages. I do hope that at least one member of the family is able to come to the Concert on Friday 29 March at the school.

Time: 10 am — 12.30pm. *Please make a special note of this date to avoid disappointing your dear little children!


 Until next issue, happy sharing! See you at the school!

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