Newsletter 6, Term 3 2020


Happy 45th Independence PNG! We celebrated in style last week!

Seasonal greetings to everyone! Hope all  of you are well and smiling! By the way this is only a brief letter to inform you all with the remaining activities of this term. It will not be the normal newsletter!

YES, It has been a while since we last shared and understandably due to the Covid-19 Pandemic most of this year, some children have been affected. I can only sympathise with those who are unable to attend so far. However, this has not in any way affected the programs and activities set out for our 2020 academic year!

During the lockdown periods, the teachers continued to prepare and to provide “homework” for all classes. Parents were asked to collect them so there was no disruption with the children’s learning. Many parents who did this continue to bring their children back to school. These children will be able to upgrade in 2021 because they would have completed the year academically.

The list below is a brief advice for your information and attention so please do take note!

Prep class experimenting with playdough

Robot models made for book week

Such detailed clocks! Look at the designs!

1. END OF TERM 3: This Friday 25 September. Midday Pick Up & Home-Time.

2. END OF TERM 3 CONCERT: Only the students will be able to have a small party after some class presentations on Friday before home-time. *Parents and guardians have not been invited because of the health and safety of our children. We do hope everyone understands the position the management is taking. This is largely due to Covid-19 that poses a threat in NCD! *They will have some small treats before home-time at 12 noon as usual. Half-Day!

3. TERM 3 SCHOOL HOLIDAY: 1 week only. 28 Sept – 2 October.

4. TEACHER IN SERVICE: During the holiday week.

5. TEACHER-PARENT INTERVIEWS: Tuesday & Thursday only – if any parents need them.

6. TERM 4 STARTS: October 5 Monday usual time – Details to follow as it progresses.

7. SCHOOL TERM FEES: Only fully paid students will be accepted. *Please get your invoices from the office.

All completed – any parents wishing to contact your child’s teacher please do so before this Friday 25 September!

9. HOMEWORK: These may be provided during the holiday week/confirm with teachers/office front desk.

10. LIBRARY BOOKS: Kindly return any books by Thursday 24 September.

11. TERM EVENTS: were all fully programmed and celebrated at school without parents’ presence and we certainly felt your absence with great regret! We miss you all. *Let us all hope that things will be a lot more normal next term to end the year in the usual style!

12. LITERACY BOOK WEEK, PNG WEEK, & PNG 45TH INDEPENDENCE ANNIVERSARY: were all celebrated in style at school with lots of fun and happiness. Much learning also took place. The children still enjoyed their usual party-type endings. The same will be this Friday but on a slight scale!

13. PHOTOS: Showing some activities captured in the past weeks or so! Please ensure to check the school Facebook Page where you will get most updates or visit!

A happy moment captured with ice-cream

Proudly dressed in PNG colours

It isn’t a party without some cake to celebrate!

This newsletter is not the usual capacity as most news have been described briefly above. Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to email us at, call 3258715 or just speak to Mrs Tione at the front desk. On behalf of the teachers, the staff, management and myself, I wish to apologise to all our parents/guardians for not being able to join us this Friday to close the term in the usual style! Just know that we will certainly miss you and we hope that you do understand our position! Thank you very much for your continuing support and understanding! 

PLEASE KEEP HEALTHY & SAFE – see you at school and please ensure the children follow the Covid-19 Pandemic Rules.

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