Newsletter 6, Term 4 2023


A visit from our principal Ms Daro always ends with an exercise routine

Slowly but surely things are getting back to normal. The weather has been a bit tricky but mostly keeping the environment cool and clean. The rain has been a blessing to everyone keeping the dust and dirt at bay! Regardless, the students have settled in well and are all working hard towards their final tests and assessments. Having said that, I would like to ask all parents & guardians to make sure to bring their children on time to school. This way they do not miss out on their revision work for the past three terms! We have traveled a long way to be here and I am so proud and thankful for your support, especially the progress your children have made this year! We are looking forward to a fresh new year in 2024!

The trust and confidence you place in us to take care of and educate your children speaks volumes. We have enjoyed your company throughout the last three terms. Now we are on the final leg of our journey together for the 2023 School Year! There is so much to do and we are making sure the children are upbeat and in good form to make it to the next level! Each class has its own news spot in this edition. I would be doing a disservice if I played their part in imparting their news to you. They will have their own story to tell you below! Now let us begin with the rest of the term commitments.


This term will officially end on Friday, 1st December. END OF THE ACADEMIC YEAR 2023. What is next then:

a)The same Day will embrace the End of the Year Concert.

  • This is the major Event of the year when important announcements are made.
  • Make sure not to miss it because there will be: Awards, Presentations, Raffles, and some interesting takeaways to be revealed. We want to have a bit of fun!
  • More specific details to follow in the later edition.

b) The children will celebrate the close of the year with a Christmas Party for themselves on Friday 24th November.
More details to come.

c) On Friday 27th October, we will stage our “HALLOWEEN”
EVENT, a “Massacarade FUN-Day” for all children participating!

d) Year of the Child = International Children’s Day lands on 20th November, but the students may celebrate on Friday 17th or Friday 24th. A date has to be nominated by the teachers.


ongoing and ensure your
children come to school because these will be a very important part of their Annual and Final Year Report!


It is compulsory all fees outstanding must
be fully paid by the end of October. Thank you to those parents/guardians who have complied kindly.
*No Cheque payments.*

You can pay online or deposit directly at the bank. Cash payments may be limited. Official Receipt will only be issued once a bank Deposit Transfer has been confirmed into the school bank account. **Please bring into school for this your
deposit/transferred Slip. THANK YOU.


depends on the weather, power outages, and water availability. *For those not permitting your child to participate, kindly drop a written note into the front desk for official notice.

Playschool having an art lesson in the main hall with Ms Koinduo

Preschool students going over phonics poems with Ms Heagi


only paid students are able to board. Please parents it is very important that you fill and sign the Agreement Form before your child can board the school
bus to protect them and all of us. Thank you. *CHECK WITH MRS TIONE. Otherwise, they may not be allowed.


please find the School Leaver form attached to this newsletter. Please fill out and return. If you do not, your child may not be considered a place here for
the 2024 Academic Year. To secure properly you will have to enroll him/her with the K300 Non-Refundable Registration Fee to secure their position.

7. 2024 ENROLMENT:

will be open for acceptance to the public by the end of October. There will be special announcements so keep your eyes open and check the school website www.bavaschool.com for these announcements. This will be revealed to our parents/guardians initially and we are anticipating to do so by next week.


will be distributed soon. Refund policies are clearly outlined in our terms and conditions.


efforts have been made to upgrade the standards and levels of our teaching staff for the past two years. We do hope that you are able to appreciate the efforts and investment made both by your support and the management.

Both Mr & Mrs. Mea are enrolled in this program and are soon to graduate from Divine Word University. Your children’s learning experiences have not been impaired, but have improved greatly through this exposure and development.


We are still having crucial conversations with the Supplier BNBM who has been extremely customer-service negligent and we do hope to settle the warranty issue before the term ends.


a menu list will be posted for your convenience for prior orders. It is only K20/day for both small and big lunches with drinks, and at times, a piece of fresh fruit.


kindly pick up by 3.00 pm. *GATES CLOSE BY 3.30 PM FOR STAFF TO PREPARE TO LEAVE BY 4.30 PM.


We are so happy to report that the children have settled in well and are doing their programmed activities.

Jolly Phonics volume 1-3

  • Sounding and blending of 3 letter words.
  • Short stories.
  • Children can sound and blend 3 letter words and are doing very well. EG: *Children like Juliet, Jnr John, Johnson, Kendalyn, and Bradley can really sound and blend them.

Prep & Grade 1 classes about to start their lessons for the day


The children always love the opportunity to move and exercise!


  • Numbers 0-10. Children can identify these numbers
  • Shapes and colours – children can identify their shapes with their colours. EG: Little ones like Paita, Maurice, Chantelle, Erina, Koda, Pearly, and Aedan can say their shapes and colours with their poems.

Social Studies

  • “All About Me” is our theme.
  • Please help fill in information about your child. **(Homework)


  • Children have done the 5 Senses and My Body.
  • The children can say their 5 Senses and can say their parts of the body.
  • These are some of the topics they have covered so far.

The playschoolers love to sing and dance. Our new friend Erina Kala has joined us this term and she has settled in well.
***Reminder- Please help your child at home with homework (To spell their names)

Thank you,
Ms Ilaitia & Ms Koinduo – Class Teachers


Hello and welcome back for another interesting term. Our Theme for Term 4 is “Amazing Me”. The students already
started their normal lessons so please bring your child every day to school. Note: Your child will be assessed daily so must
attend class every day.

Thank you all.
Ms Heagi & Mr Paul – Class Teacher & Assistant


Welcome back, we are excited to share some amazing news with you. Our term 4 theme is “Celebrating the Amazing Me!”

Term 4 Program – We have done revision activities in week one and will continue to do enrichment activities as well.

Special Events – The students are excited and cannot wait to celebrate these special events.

  • Teachers Day – Thank you to everyone we had a fun day with our students.
  • Halloween Day – Theme: Book Character Halloween.
  • Universal Children’s Day – Children’s Rights or Human Rights.
  • Christmas Concert – School Party
  • Academic Concert – Awards Presentation.

Costumes – Please check your child’s diary for the special
events costumes. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!
Mrs Mea – Class Teacher


Mr Mea giving an appreciation talk on International Teachers Day last Friday


Mrs Mea filling in the Upper Grades classes with English & Maths lessons


Hello and Welcome to our Class news for this newsletter. We started off the term on a good note. Students seemed interested and keen to study and learn. Class discussions are interesting because almost everyone is participating. I am so happy and proud of them all.

Classroom Work
Whether they work in groups or individually, it is fitting to say that, everyone is doing fine. Here are the names of some students; Randi Baru and Mason Turi, Pyaso Pyawan, Keisiva, and Kenetsi Darius.

I want to encourage everyone, both students and parents or guardians to keep working hard for even better results this term. The final results depend largely on it!

Thank you all and God bless.
Mr Mea – Class Teacher


Welcome back to Term 4 our last term for 2023. I am glad to have students already bringing their library bags to borrow. Borrowing started this week and I encourage every student to borrow books regularly this term. Assessments will be made according to my records.

Thank you.
Librarian – Ms Rutera


Hi Parents and Guardians,
A very nice warm welcome back! It’s nice to have you all back at school.

A Few things to take care of:

  • A School “Return/Leavers’ Form is attached. Please fill in the contents in the space provided. Return whether coming back or not.
  • 2023 Enrolment is now open for registration with a K300 non-refundable Fee.
  • 2024 Academic school year Announcements will follow in due course. *Please enquire at the school office.
  • Note: Our thank you to those parents who have adhered to our notices and reminders for paying school fees this term.
    Thank you so much.
  • Teachers and children are planning to sell some raffle tickets for food hampers so be ready! (**ANY DONATIONS WILL BE MUCH APPRECIATED! THANK YOU.)

Thank you.
Mrs Tione – Registrar

As you can see from the photos we cannot show you many due to space but the story is very clear! The children are happy at school and always look forward to coming to learn new and exciting things. We have an interesting year ahead of us and much is anticipated!

Please do find the time to read the contents of this letter about your children. You do not want to miss out on any opportunity announcements made. Please enjoy the photos and share them with your families and friends. Do become our friend, like our school Facebook Page to read, update, and engage on more updates regularly.

Thank you for your support and understanding,

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