Newsletter 8, Term 4 2022


All the children loved dressing up for Halloween! BOO!

All the children loved dressing up for Halloween! BOO!

It has been quite a while since the last newsletter but lots have already happened too! We have been keeping you posted with the activities happening at the school. If you are not yet friends of the school on Facebook, please do follow us so you do not miss out on any of the updated posts we put out regularly. The last term is fast coming to the end of the year and we feel much still needs to be done. The teachers and the children are hard at work as this is the final term to complete this school year. The full annual report needs to be covered and delivered and we are all working hard towards that. It is the time of the year when parents and guardians alike are made aware of their choices of where their children will be in the next year. We do hope that those of you who have decided to move/transfer your child have already taken the steps last month for their new school of your choice. Before I take you inside the classroom news, let me highlight certain reminders for your attention and action if needed.



Friday 9 December. The End of Year Concert will coincide on this date. Wednesday 7th is being considered a tentative date but we will confirm.


will have been completed by the next few weeks and shall be handed out after the Concert.


All tests, assessments and final reporting will end for the Final Year Report also.


Due to the final preparations, the remaining event is the “CHILDREN YEAR” which falls on November 20 but will be remembered by the school on Friday 18! The children will celebrate it as usual.


will only be given to those children who have no outstanding with the school. This also goes with any character reference etc.


A form is attached for all existing children to fill and return whether you are returning or not.


are now open. Secure a space for your child by paying his/her enrollment fee to register.

8. 2023 SCHOOL FEES:

will be the same as this year


Every Thursday, please don’t forget to pack swimmers/towel for your child to participate.


must be requested for orders to be prepared for payment.

More wonderful costumes on display at Halloween

More wonderful costumes on display at Halloween

Being spooky can also be fun!


must all be settled by end of WEDNESDAY 23 NOVEMBER.

*Please read all the above points as they are very important
matters for your attention. Now let me take you to your
children inside!


The children are all doing well and this is the end of week five. Most revision has been done and we are so happy.

Assessment have already been processed and their report cards are also ready.
Concert Preparations:
• Colour – Yellow shirt, black shorts (boys) leggings for girls.
• Social studies item costumes.
• Occupation item – please provide a costume for your child.
(See your child’s teacher)

The children all have now settled in well and are looking forward to another challenge and that is their favourite part of each term: The end of the term Concert where they invite over to show what they have learned so far!

Thank you!
Ms Matui and Ms Rutera – Class Teacher & Assistant


The theme for this term is “Celebrating Me and My Wonderful World.” The Preschool students are having lots of fun in their indoor and outdoor activities.

• English – Jolly Phonics volume 1, 2, 3. Sounding and blending 2, 3 and 4 letter words. Tricky words, doing spelling tests, spelling games, and Alphabet Tt – Zz.
• Maths – Numbers 0 – 20 and number poems. Time telling. 1 Week = 7 days, 1 Year = 12 Months. Adding ones, twos, and three’s. Take aways to get 2, 3, 4
• Science – 5 Senses Man-made resources eg, tunnel building Natural Resources – Trees, Water.
• Social Studies – community helpers. Occupation – when I grow up I want to be Weather – rainy, sunny cloudy, and windy.
• Health – My 5 magic words or 5 good manners.

*Please, Sorry, Excuse, Thank You, and Welcome.”
Good habits eg, eating healthy food, washing your hands. All students are doing well and this week and last week we have been doing our assessments and tests. Please bring your child to school every day.

Thank You.
Ms Heagi & Mr Paul – Class Teacher & Assistant


Welcome back! Here are some updates from our class.

• New Student – We welcome our new student Nissi Himugu, a 6 year old, comes from the Hela Province, always excited and enjoys herself with the new friends she has met.
• Classroom Activities – So far we have learned and revised the lessons in terms 1, 2 and 3 with the term 4 Theme: “Celebrating Me and My Changing World.”

The following subjects and topics done for the last 5 weeks
• Jolly Grammar – Nouns, Pronouns, Verbs, Adjectives, and Adverbs
• Maths – Fractions and Time

Science – Human Body, Five Senses, Skeleton System,
Plants, and Animals.

• Social Studies – Family (relations) Community, Weather, Climate change and Global warming.
• Health – Personal Profile, Healthy habits, food groups, Balance meal/diet, healthy and unhealthy food. Manners and healthy habits.
• Physical Education – Extra Curricular programs including relay race, bowling, soccer, basketball, and swimming.

Special Events
Halloween program was a success we celebrated with a costume parade, storytelling, video, and trick-or-treat time. Thank you to all our parents who assisted their children with their costumes and packets of lollies for their baskets.

Upcoming Events
• Children’s Day 20th November, to be celebrated on Friday 18.
• Concert Day 9th December. End of the year.
Please assist your child to prepare their concert costumes.
• Girls – Green dress and white socks
• Boys – Green shirt, black bow tie and white socks.

Attendance and Punctuality
• Please encourage your child to come to school every day
and early or on time. It is an important area of assessment.

All assessments are done, however, I will continue to do enrichment and revision lessons with the students.

Please check your child’s bag for his or her homework folder
and notes in the diary.

Thank you.
Mrs Mea – Class Teacher

I have 2 eyes to see” - learning about the human body

I have 2 eyes to see” - learning about the human body

A presentation from the Term 3 connect about mathematics

A presentation from the Term 3 connect about mathematics


Hello everyone and welcome. Firstly, let us thank our Heavenly Father for his countless blessings upon our lives.

Classroom lessons
The children have been doing revisions on topics covered this year. Their activities include group tasks, individual take-home work as well as oral presentations. Everyone has done exceptionally well so far.

Assessments and Reports
All units/topics covered are revised and tested. Marks are also gathered from bookwork and take-home tasks. Reports will be compiled once assessments are completed.

Highlights for the class
We did our oral presentation (Science) on Body Systems. Students explained using their own diagrams. Gairo and Karo gave us some fun facts about the digestive system of an ostrich. Everyone did well in this lesson. Our work is already on display for all to see, read and learn.

We are still having fun with our class work and I will share them with you all in our next communication whether on Facebook or the next newscasts!

Thank you and God bless.
Mr Mea – Class Teacher

A few things to take note of:
• A “Return/Leavers” Form is attached to this newsletter so please fill in the contents as provided. This must be returned whether your child is coming back or not.
• Transfer Certificate – Only provided for paid up students.
• Same goes for Report Cards.
• 2023 Enrolment is now open for registrations with a K300 non-refundable enrolment fee
• School fees for 2023 will be the same as this year 2022.
• Transport forms will also be available.
• Please enquire at the school office.


This is Week 5 of Term 4 and library borrowing is on, except most children who have library bags do not bring their library bags on Tuesdays and Thursdays (borrowing days). They are missing out on reading and this is my concern. Parents please help check your children and remind them to bring their library bags on borrowing days.

Thank you all.
Ms Rutera – Library Teacher


A very nice warm welcome back!
Coming closer the end of the year when we are all feeling the spirit of Christmas, our little ones are also excited about the school holidays.

Let us be mindful that they are all looking forward to their end-of-year concert celebrations and preparations.

• Any parent needs an invoice please let the school office know as soon as possible.

Have a blessed day.
Mrs Tione – Registrar

Grades class outside measuring weights for their practical lesson

Grades class outside measuring weights for their practical lesson

Gairo and Karo discussing the Digestive System for Science

Gairo and Karo discussing the Digestive System for Science

In closing I do hope you have all find the time to read the contents of this newsletter because they are important for your immediate attention and actions. 2023 specific details will be published in the next several weeks to help with forward planning. For pictures of class activities most you will find on our FB Posts so make sure to follow us. May God bless us all richly now and always.

Don’t forget to pack swimmers and a towel for your child on Thursdays!

Don’t forget to pack swimmers and a towel for your child on Thursdays!

We’re looking forward to more presentations at the end of the year!

We’re looking forward to more presentations at the end of the year!

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