Ms Matui

Play/Preschool Teacher at Bava since 2019

My name is Ms Loi Matui, and I am from Milne Bay and Central province. This is my first teaching role at Bava International School and I am enjoying my time here. I like Bava because it is a family orientated school. It was easy to blend in with all the staff.

It is great to see young children (especially those aged 2-5 under our care) expressing themselves through arts and crafts, painting, creating collages and drawings. It has been challenging getting a class of nearly 30 toddlers to settle down and concentrate during classes, but communicating with them is important for them to follow instructions. Repetition helps to build good habits, which in turn creates good manners.

One of my favourite activities with the children is our “circle time” at the start of the day. We all sit together in a circle and one-by-one share stories about what we did yesterday or over the weekend. It brings us all closer together, which is great because we are all one big family at Bava School.