Ms Heagi

Head Teacher for Lower Sector (Playschool & Preschool)
Teaching at Bava School since 2016

My name is Linda Heagi, I come from Central Province.

In 2016 I was accepted by Bava International School to be a teacher aid. Since then I’ve been happily working at Bava and am now leading the lower sector. I enjoy teaching the children and I learn a lot from them too.

In our classroom, we focus on teaching 2-5 year olds how to speak and read sounds using the Jolly Phonics system, as well as other basics such as numbers, shapes and colours. It is fulfilling to come to work everyday and play with the small children, sing and dance, tell stories with them and watch their minds grow and develop. They enjoy tracing, cutting and pasting, making collages and painting.

It is especially important to see the children at a young age become confident, grow independent and become more social with their classmates. My favourite activity to do with the children is starting the day making animal sounds with the children and acting out their actions. It’s a lot of fun and is great for the imagination!