Ms Daro

B.A., University of PNG
Awarded O.B.E for services to Education in PNG
Principal of Bava School since 1991

Educating young minds has been a passion of mine for the majority of the last 30 years. As Principal of Bava International School, it delights me to see the young souls that come into our school family blossom and mature into bright sparks when they leave.

Everyday I receive warm greetings and hugs from all the students as I wander around the school. It brings me joy knowing that all the students are in a happy, supportive and familiar environment – this is conducive to learning. They care for one another and their teachers, which is paramount to caring for themselves. It is from this that they begin to care for the knowledge that we give to them.

As our motto goes – “Learn To Care, Care To Learn.” Here at Bava your children come to learn not only knowledge, but empathy and social skills which are all tools they use in their future development.

I look forward to seeing you at our school, please do come and say hello!