Prep & Gr. 1 (5 – 7 yrs)

In the Prep Sector, children are taught the basics of arithmetic, language and shapes alongside their elder peers in Grade 1. A strong emphasis is placed on learning the various sounds of the english language, taught via the Jolly Phonics system. Children learn to sound out, blend and recognise the written symbols of the various letters in the alphabet.

Other high-level concepts such as the environment, the human body and social studies are taught through fun and engaging songs and activities, which helps the child truly remember and recall the information later on in the year or even in subsequent grades.

Meet The Teacher

Mrs Mea
Class Teacher

Key Skill Development:

  • Language skills (speaking, listening and reading)
  • Sounding and blending phonics (the building blocks of spoken language)
  • Numbers (identifying numbers 1 – 20)
  • Science topics (the human body, the environment and technology)

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