5 Simple Ways to Encourage Your Kids to Read

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” This wonderful quote is from Dr. Seuss, a well-known American author of children’s books. And we think that what he said is true. If a person loves to read, he will have the opportunity to learn many things. And he can use the knowledge he learned from reading to go to places he wants to go such as fulfilling his dreams.

Based on a study, students who develop good reading habits are found to be smarter in terms of vocabulary, spelling and even math! Wouldn’t you feel proud as a parent if your child grew up to be smart? So, for your child to become smart and enjoy a brighter future, encourage him to read books. To help you out, we listed five simple ways.

1. Start at an early age.

To help your child love reading books, it would be best to start reading at an early age – at an age where he already enters preschool. Buy him colorful picture books, or borrow one from the library, and read the book together with him. If you keep this up, your child will come to love books as he grows.

2. Make reading interactive.

When reading books, make sure to let your child read them aloud. This will not only help your child develop his oral language, but this will also make reading less boring for him. Because if you only let your child read the book silently, chances are, he’ll get bored and stop reading immediately since children have poor attention span. Then after reading the book aloud, ask your child what are his favorite parts in the story.

3. Allot a reading schedule every day.

Habits are only developed if you do it every day. So, if you want your child to develop a reading habit, allot a reading schedule. It may be before he goes to bed or during snack times. Your child doesn’t have to finish reading an entire book at once. Say for this week, your child has to finish reading this particular book and only needs to read some of its pages every day.

4. Let your child choose what books he wants to read.

Your child won’t love reading if you force onto him the kind of books that you like. Your preference on books is obviously different from a child’s. Say you want your child to read science books for kids, but he actually wants to read fairy tale books and comic books, so let him be. Your child’s preference on books will soon change as he finds out what subjects or topics he really wants to learn when he grows up.

5. Praise your child for their reading efforts.

Your child might not fully understand at first the astounding benefits of reading books, so he may still be at lost as to why he needs to read one. To make your child feel that he is doing something valuable, praise him every time he finishes reading a book. Make sure that your praise is genuine to help your child boost his confidence.

How about you? How do you encourage your kids to read? Do you do any of these methods?

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