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Our School Motto

IMG_1304 Learn To Care
Core values such as respect for others and one’s own belongings are taught to children from a very early age.
_MG_1114 Care To Learn
Once a child understands what it means to care, we then make learning fun so they enjoy the experience and are actively engaged in it.

Our Class Structures

The Lower sector is an important foundation at Bava School. In addition to strengthening socialization skills, Play/Preschool is a place where your child can gain a sense of self, explore, play with others and build confidence.
In the Middle Sector, children are taught the basics of arithmetic, language and shapes. A strong emphasis is placed on learning the various sounds of the english language, taught via the Jolly Phonics system.
The Upper Sector is comprised of students from Grades 2 to 4. This clustered learning approach lends students to an accelerated form of learning, where younger peers are exposed to higher-level content.

Countdown to the next step of the 2023 Academic Year

Term 4 2023 Ends In...

A Family School

We are a small family-run school that has been running for the last 30 years. Our close-knit class structure extends this feeling of family to our students, who relate to their peers regardless of age, race or gender.

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Caring Staff

Our News

All the children loved dressing up for Halloween! BOO!
Newsletter 8, Term 4 2022

It has been quite a while since we last communicated through our last newsletter! Instead we have been updating our news on social media especially through Facebook so hope that you are able to update on what we do here.

Newsletter 7, Term 3 2022

This will be a brief letter to notify you of what is remaining for this term. So much has happened this term with many pauses and holidays, but this did not disrupt any assigned tasks. The school remained committed to serving the children the best way possible regardless! Next Friday, 3

Newsletter 6, Term 3 2022

Wow, what a season we have been experiencing these last several months! Very trying and challenging, but we must all feel more confident and hope that all should be soon back to normal. The last two and a half years have been somewhat challenging for all of us, not forgetting all businesses and government services, including schools everywhere in the world.

Our happy parents

I am so excited with Rachael’s performance in school so far thus happy to advise that she will return to Bava. My sincere thank you and your staff for being patient with her and teaching/encouraging her to achieve her professional aspiration/dreams in life.


Please visit our Enrol Now page to view the School Fees for our classes.

We accept ages from as young as 3 years old in our Playschool class, up to 12 years in our mixed Grades classes.

School hours for students are 8AM-3PM Mon-Thurs, 8AM-12:30PM Friday.
Our school office is open Mon – Fri from 7:30AM – 4:30PM.

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