5 Ways to Spend Quality Time with Your Children

When you already become a parent, you find yourself doing a lot of things. And among the top things that make you a busybody are house chores and work. It is really tiring to juggle home and work together, and then you have your children to take care of too.

Though you routinely cook food for your children and send them to school, these may not be enough quality time they need from you. When was the last time you had a total blast with your kids?

Being too tired from house chores and work are no excuse to miss playing and bonding with them. If you are having difficulties on squeezing quality time for your children, here are 5 ways:

1.      Go for a little detour.

When it’s time for you to fetch your children at school, you could go for a little detour before you head straight home. Ask them where they want to go or eat in order to give them a treat! Say, your children want to eat at a nearby restaurant. Go there and eat together. Buy their favorite dishes and talk about things they did in school. You don’t have to do this every day. But it would be really nice to have a little change of atmosphere for your children before going home from time to time.

2.      Read a picture book.

Children love hearing stories. Collect several colorful picture books and take time to read one to your child before going to bed or even during a lazy weekend. To make them interested listening to your stories, modulate the intensity of your voice, or mimic the voice and actions of the characters in the book. If the character is a princess, talk and act like one. If the character is a monster, try being scary as you could.

3.      Make them your cooking assistants.

So, here’s a smart way on how you could spend time with your children while doing house chores. If you think that kids are of no use in the kitchen, then think again. You could actually make them your cooking assistants and let them handle the non-dangerous stuff of preparing food such as washing the fruits and vegetables, mixing the ingredients, or even rolling pastry puffs.

4.      Let your kids help you fix broken stuff.

Well, not really help. But you could let your children hang around when you are doing some home improvements such as fixing the cabinet drawers, the rundown fence, or your leaky faucet. While fixing your home’s broken things, tell them what you are doing so that they would also know of these things when they grow up. However, make sure that your kids are on a safe distance especially when you are moving big objects and hammering nails.

5.      Watch their favorite cartoons or play their favorite games together.

Get to know what your children like such as their favorite cartoons and games. Every child wants a cool mom and dad who could easily relate with what they are doing. Most cartoons are funny and entertaining; you won’t be bored. As for their favorite games, learn the mechanics and challenge your child to a fun and friendly competition. But be sure to let them win!

No matter how busy you are, there will always be time for bonding with your children. You just need to be creative!

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