5 Ways You Can Teach Your Child to Clean His Room

While your child is young, it’s good that you impart good behavior in him. This includes being respectful of other people (especially older ones), showing courtesy, and even cleaning up after himself. It’s never too early to start teaching your child these things so you can instill good behavior in him. Here are a few tips on how you can teach your child to clean his room:

1. Give advance warnings.

One of the best ways you can encourage your child to start cleaning is to give a warning in advance. If your child is playing with his toys and you want him to get ready for dinner, you can give him a warning ahead of time. Tell him “Two more puzzle pieces before pickup!” This will give your child an idea on when you expect him to start putting his toys away.

2. Stick to a routine.

It’s also good to follow a routine. Enforce a rule that your child can easily follow. Every time he’s finished playing, he should pick up his toys and return them to where they belong. You can also follow the same practice when preparing for bed and having dinner.

3. Don’t force him.

Instead of expecting your child to put away all his toys at once, make it a habit to let him focus on just one thing. Let your child pick up his stuffed animals before turning his focus on clearing his books away. After he’s done with the stuffed animals, you can let him take a break before returning to the task.

4. Turn it into a game.

Since kids love to play games, you can turn cleanup time into a game. Throw in a game of Simon Says and your child will have fun without realizing he is actually helping clean the room. Not only will this be an enjoyable activity, it could also give you time to bond with your child.

5. Be an example.

Lastly, you need to lead by example. Instead of telling your child to put his toys away, show him. You should also practice putting your own things away when you’re done using them. This will help your child to see the end picture of what you’re teaching them.

It’s important that you teach your child to clean up after themselves at an early age. By following the tips mentioned can make it easy for you to instill this practice in your child.

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