6 Indoor Games Your Children Would Love

Are your kids bothering you because they want to play? But they couldn’t go outside because it’s raining cats and dogs, or if it isn’t raining, the mighty sun is madly glaring at you. Indeed, the weather could hinder your children’s outdoor activities and they will be forced to stay inside the house.

While their boredom can be treated with TV, smartphones and video games, there are still a lot of indoor games better doing than these techie trends. So, if you are looking for ways on how to keep your children busy and happy inside the house, here are 6 indoor games:

1.      Camp in!

Do you know that camping could be done indoors too? Even without a tent, you and your children could make an improvised camp through making pillow forts or box forts. To make a pillow fort, get the pillows on your couch and arrange them as walls. On the two sides of your couch, place two chairs, then cover it with a blanket. All set! To make a box fort, get an insanely large box and create a “door.” Get your children inside the box fort along with their toys. Your pet cats would even love this box fort too.

2.      Play hide and seek.

We are sure that you already know the mechanics of hide and seek. Your childhood memories won’t be complete if you haven’t experienced playing this classic game. But for a twist, let Dad be the “It” and Mom and child would together hide. Hide behind the curtains, behind the doors, under the bed (if you would fit). For sure, Dad will have a hard time finding the both of you. And prevent your child from giggling because you might just be caught!

3.      Enjoy a few hoops with an indoor basketball.

Though there are indoor basketball toys that can be bought, if you don’t have one, again, you could improvise. Get a small pail; this will serve as your basketball ring. If you don’t have a toy ball, you could knot a piece of sock and shape it like a ball. Whoever shoots the ball into the bucket at the farthest distance is up for a prize!

4.      Create homemade soap bubbles.

It’s easy to make bubbles at home. Get a cup of water and mix it with soap powder or dishwashing liquid. Stir the mixture until the powder is dissolved but don’t let it foam. For more fun, you can make the bubbles into a different color by adding a drop of food color. Get a piece of straw and form a bubble wand. Blow bubbles at your house’s patio, or you could open the windows if you don’t want to get the floor messy.

5.      Play the music freeze game.

Whether your children love dancing or not, this game would definitely bring up giggles and awaken your latent dancing skills. Choose upbeat songs to play and explain the mechanics to your children. Tell your children to dance while the music plays. But if the music stops, they should freeze or not move. The one who moves will be out of the game and the winner will be able to snag a prize.

6.      Play balloon volleyball.

Blow a piece of balloon or a thin plastic bag to serve as the ball for the game. As for the net, you could just create a line on the floor using a thread of yarn. Throw the balloon up high and let your children chase it and hit it with their arms or hands. To score points, the balloon should go beyond the other side of the yarn.

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