Stop Child Obesity How to Keep Your Child’s Waistline in Check

Though children with chubby cheeks look cute, an obese child is not. And I’m sure that you know that your child could possibly suffer from a lot of health problems if you let their waistline uncontrollably ballooned out. They could suffer from hypertension at a very young age, have type 2 diabetes, heart problems and even cancer!

But that’s not all. When a child is obese, this would not only impact their physical well-being but other aspects as well, such as their mental and emotional health. There are too many obese children who are being mocked and bullied because of their appearance which could cause emotional trauma to your child.

And here’s a surprising news! According to a study commissioned by the World Health Organization, the number of obese children are now more prevalent in Asia and Africa than in the US. About 48% of obese children under 5 years of age are in Asia, while 25% live in Africa.

So, if you don’t want your child to experience the sad consequences of being obese, then as parents, you should help them to keep their waistline in check.

Here are some tips to help them stay fit:

Feed them nutritious foods.

Since you are the parent, you have the authority and privilege on what food you should prepare on the dining table. Avoid feeding your child with processed and frozen foods because they are usually high with trans fats – the unhealthy fats. Instead, feed your child with nutritious foods such as fruits, vegetables, fish and lean meat.

Advice your child on what kind of snacks they should buy in school.

This could be a bit hard since kids may have the impulse to buy junk foods. Nevertheless, don’t fail to remind them every day on what snacks should they buy and eat when in school. Fortunately, more and more schools today are serving healthy snacks such as fruit and vegetable salads, fruit tidbits and popsicles, carrot and celery sticks with low-fat dressing dips, nuts, breads, crackers and cereals.

Schedule a weekly family exercise.

Telling your child to exercise by himself won’t do. Instead, exercise with him. On weekends, schedule a weekly family exercise, so that your entire family members will stay fit, healthy and strong. This would encourage your child to move around and shed those bulging fats around his waist. Your child would also feel that exercising is fun because he is doing it with the other members of the family.

Encourage your child to do sports in school.

Just like how you spend most of your time at work, your child is also spending most of his time in school. So, in order for your child to stay active and does not only spend time sitting on his desk, encourage him to participate in a sports club that he likes. It could be swimming, dancing, gymnastics, badminton, basketball, or martial arts.

Set a good example.

You won’t convince your child to stay fit if you yourself do not set a good example. Say, you are telling your child to eat healthy snacks, and there you are munching on junk foods and lots of chocolates. So, if you really want to help your child not to become obese, then you as a parent should also practice what you preach.

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