Things You Could Do to Stop Your Child from Getting Bullied

When your child came home from school, do you notice him upset and depressed? You might think that your child was only scolded by his teacher for failing a test, but the reason could be even worse. Your child might be being bullied!

While bullying comes in different forms such as physical or verbal, among the most evident signs that your child is being bullied are having physical injuries, unusually dirty clothes and disorderly school belongings, or if your child is deeply upset and tells you that he does not want to go to school anymore.

You might think that this is not a serious case since children could only go as far as teasing or name-calling, but you have to take immediate action to stop this problem.

If you don’t know, bullying could leave an emotional scar to your child. As he grows, he will be less confident and always feel embarrassed. Or worse, this could even lead to suicide if your child is still being a subject for bullying until he reaches his teenage years.

To prevent the bullying from getting worse, here are the actions you need to take:

Listen what your child has to say.

Not all children will come running and cry to their parents that they are being bullied. But if you notice that your child is somehow bothered or upset, try to talk to him. Ask what happened. And when your child started to tell the story, just keep a neutral stance. As overly reacting could make your child think that he is upsetting you too.

Teach him what to do.

It is a natural reaction for a parent to come to his child’s rescue, and scold the bully and confront the bully’s parents. But this could result to intensified bullying especially if you are not already around. Plus, your child will feel useless and powerless if he couldn’t solve the problem on his own.

In order for your child not to feel that way, teach your child on what he needs to do when being bullied. If your child is being teased, teach him to ignore the bullies and walk away. If your child sees the bully approaching him, tell him to go at a place where there is a teacher in sight.

Understand if your child fights back.

Sometimes, the peaceful ways that you have taught to your child on how to respond to bullies won’t be followed by your child. If your child couldn’t take the bullying anymore, he might get into a fight. Nevertheless, tell him that no matter what happens, you are on his side.

Teach your child how to be more confident.

Usually, your child is being picked on because he seems weak and has low self-esteem. To make him feel more confident about himself, let him do the things that he likes where he feels in control of the situation.

For example, your child likes to play football or basketball. Encourage him to join a sports club in school. This way, your child will develop an image that he too can be admired by others when it comes to sports. Even the bullies might be awed with his athletic abilities.

On the final note, if the bullying really gets out of hand and your child is severely suffering from it, it’s time to confront the teacher, the bully and the bully’s parents.

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