What to Do if Your Child Has a Nightmare

As a parent, you want to make sure your child is always safe, happy, and healthy. But there are some things that go beyond your control. In one particular example, you have no control over your child’s dreams. And as much as you wish he doesn’t get a nightmare, this is just something that happens to everyone. The only thing you can do is to soothe your child after he’s had a nightmare. Here are a few tips you can follow to help ease a nightmare:

1. Have a nightlight ready.

When your child has a nightmare, he will be too scared to leave without any light in the room. But at the same time, this can disrupt his sleep. The best way you can manage this is to have a nightlight ready in his room.

2. Give him something to hug.

If your child doesn’t have a lovey yet, you can get one for him. A lovey can be a blanket, a stuffed animal, or any other soft item that he can hug while he sleeps. The soft texture of the item can give your child comfort in times when he is feeling scared or sad.

3. Let him know he’s not alone.

Let your child know that he’s not alone. You can go online or to a local library to look for storybooks on kids dealing with nightmares. Read these books aloud to him and show him that he too can overcome his nightmares.

4. Talk to your child about it.

The best way you can comfort your child about his nightmares is to talk to him about it. Ask him about what’s bothering him at night. Reassure your child that he is safe at home and that you understand what he is going through.

5. Switch off electronic devices.

Make it a point to switch off all electronic devices an hour before bedtime. This can help your child settle down before going to bed.

As a parent, it’s important that you let your child know he is safe and that he only had a nightmare. Do not shame, threaten, or tease your child just because he had one. Calm him down by reassuring him that you are beside him as he falls back to sleep.

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