Newsletter 2, Term 1 2019


All students have landed in Term 1 with a splash! Everyone is settling in and creating a familiar environment!

It has been exactly one month today since we last shared in our Newsletter #1 dated 28 January. Since then so much has happened and changed that we wish to share with you all.

1. FORMAL CLASSES: all classes have now been settled and are doing very well.

2. THE THREE SECTORS: Lower, Middle & Upper Grades are bravely investigating their First Term Theme of “Exploring the Amazing Me.” All are working hard and enjoying their new learning ideas, activities and experiences. We do our best to provide the most conducive learning environment for your children at their given respective age levels.

3. THE CHALLENGE: Each new year presents itself with new challenges which is to be expected as change is inevitable and unavoidable! We all need to find it necessary to adjust to any given new situation. Term 1 is the most challenging of the four terms we experience in a school year! This is the time we sincerely need the support and understanding of our parents/guardians. We are always confident to enjoy more of our Bava School Family as we progress into the year!

4. TERM NEWS – Each Sector: The Play/Preschool, Prep/Gr 1 and Multi Grades 2-4 will share with you their own class news in the following pages.


    • This term ends on Friday March 29.
    • End of Term Concert on the same day: Friday 29 March.
    • Holiday break only 1 week:  Mon – Fri, 1 – 5 April.
    • Teacher In-Service: During the holiday period: April 1 – 5.
    • Teacher-Parent Interviews: Make appointments with the front office to ensure time is available with the child’s teacher. (*During the holiday break may be the best time for all?)
    • Term School Fees: Must be fully settled before entry to Term 2 which commences on Monday April 8.
    • Good Friday/Easter: Friday April 19 Public Holiday –  Easter Monday April 22
    • Mother’s Day: Sunday May 12
  • Queen’s Birthday June 10

6. POLIO VACCINATION CONTINUES IN SCHOOL: Monday March 11. Please confirm if your child has already had their vaccinations. The responsible medical team will be here on this one time/day only! Age bracket: 1 — under 15 years old.

7. TERM ONE FEES: Must be fully settled by tomorrow Friday March 1.

8. TERM TWO FEES: Due anytime now, but to be fully paid by April 8. *Get your invoice from Mrs Mary Tione or call 325 8715.

9. FACEBOOK PAGE: Please like our school page to share with weekly or even daily updates. Or visit to read the newsletters or events you missed. You will enjoy and see what your children are doing at school. Now let me take you inside their classrooms to share with you.

Please read your children’s news as contents may be most important for your own attention and action.

Lower sector boys and their chalk drawings

Creating Valentine’s Day cards for parents

Footprint painting is always a fun activity!

10. PLAY/PRESCHOOL — MRS MATUE/MS HEAGI/MRS KONE/MS BOGE: Almost every day these little darlings keep these four ladies on their toes! Even myself haha!! The first two weeks took a lot of work to settle them down but that is now water under the bridge!

However, in the past two weeks including the fifth week now, you may be pleased to hear that your children have actually been learning new things at school and not just playing at day care! Let me share what they have been learning.

The Finger Phonics: Level 1 (Jolly Phonics) — sounding the letters s a t i p n with actions! Not only that they are also doing eye and finger co-ordination exercises to help improve and enhance their soft motor skills.

They are also tracing and drawing on slates and many more.

They are beginning to form a familiar environment and are settling in well.

They are bringing home a 5-finger Shaped Homework so please help them to complete and return to school. Repetition is key! The Thumb finger must carry “My name is ___”, pointer is Daddy’s phone number, middle finger is Mummy’s Phone number, ring finger is “Where I live at” and the baby finger is “Who I live with.” Help your baby to do this homework so they can return it to school. This encourages Home & School partnership and Interest.

In Maths, they are counting from 0–5 and next week will upgrade to 6–10.

They all have a scrap-book and are working in them. It is so exciting to see them progress! They are already learning their primary colours too and will be making iced cubes for lunches tomorrow! Red, green, yellow and blue.

We hope you like your Valentine Cards they made for you!

Much more to come so stay tuned! 

The Teachers from Play/Preschool

Middle Sector reading “Honey Bees & Honey”

Reading time in the Middle Sector

Maths class with Mr Gari in Middle Sector

11. PREP/GRADE 1 — MRS MEA/MR GARI: This will be my 7th year in teaching in Bava International School. Let me bring you into our theme for this term: “Exploring the Amazing Me.”

So far, the children have explored in their daily activities.

Today, we have some Special news about our classes. We have a specialist mentor and teacher in maths and science. Mr Gari is helping the teachers and most importantly the children with their academic performances during their remedial/coaching classes. Thank you to Mr Gari.

Most children have settled down and are working really hard in class namely, Lailac Baining, Dauncy Jack, Dylan Firibae, Nancy Longstaff, Gairo Gerega, Nicole Maguna Nelson, Savannah Lapan and Terry Paul.

Homework is given any day during the week. Please check your child’s bag for his/her homework. More updates in the next issue.

Thank you.

Mrs Mea — Class Teacher

12. SPECIAL DUTIES (MATHS-SCIENCE) – MR GARI FOR PREP/GR 1: Hello everyone. I have taken over from Mrs Mea in Maths and Science from week 3.

Children have plenty in store to learn and keep them alert!

A lot of practical Mathematics and Science Lessons, but with lots of fun in their learning activities/experiences as well.

Thank you.

Mr Gari — Supporting specialist in Mathematics/Science

Girls from Mixed Grades painting their silhouettes

The boys are showing off their fine work

But don’t forget the hands and feet too!

13. UPPER MULTI GRADES — MR MEA: Hi everyone and welcome to our class news and insights for this edition. A lot has happened already for our class, both inside and outside of the classrooms.

The children are having fun creating poems and singing songs about what they are learning. Some of our work from last week are on display. The students were given an assignment “The Poetic Me” which they worked on over the weekend. We will display some of our work for all to see.

Finally, if your child has not borrowed books (Library), please make sure to provide him or her a library bag or see Mrs Tione to purchase one as soon as possible.

Thank you.

Mr Mea — Class Teacher


A warm welcome to all our new and old families! Bava is a family oriented/centred school and we would like you to be a part of it.

Please share news about your children’s learning experiences past and present. We are happy to hear from you. Testimonies or just send us a note via our school email. Or better yet, become our friends and like our Facebook Page?

Polio Vaccination: Monday March 11 – 4th round. *Please inform the school if your child has already taken the dose.


    • Late pickups. Please do not keep your child waiting. You will be charged K20 and it has to be paid on the spot. From 7.30 to 2.30pm.
    • Uniforms. Every child must wear school uniforms fro Monday to Thursday.
    • Friday is a sports day. Friday is a half day of school — 7.30am to 12.00pm. Pickup strictly by 1pm please.
    • Canteen K20 lunch order for both meals served with drinks.
  • Transport pickup and drop offs K1000 or drop off/pickup only for K500 per child per term.

Thank you, See you at the school!

Mrs Tione — Registrar

Now that you have some idea of what has been happening with your children in the past five weeks (especially the last three), we do hope that you are able to see some changes in your child/children. We would love to hear your comments please.

The other issues which must be given attention to are:

    • Gates open at 7.30am and it is important that children are dropped off inside school gates by 8am please. Some classes are already in session and cannot be disturbed, especially by latecomers in the Middle/Upper sectors! Please pick up children by 3pm.
  • On Friday, the school closes at 12 midday so please pickup before 1 pm. Thank you for your support and understanding.

Until our next newsletter, happy reading! See you inside the school!

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