Newsletter 3, Term 1 2020


Using elbows to greet each other is safer than a handshake or fist bump!

We miss you all especially our dear little ones! This newsletter was meant to have been circulated on Monday 23rd March but due to the Coronavirus lockdown, it has been delayed until this final week of the term which ends on Good Friday 10 April. We feel compelled to still deliver the news to the deserved parents and guardians to know what their children have been doing in their lessons up to this point!


This is a very trying period and much is unknown which makes it seriously scary and frightening. Everything is new about this virus and nothing is known yet to stop or cure it!

COVID-19 is impacting a lot people all over the world without discrimination. People young and old regardless are taken by surprise and eventually dying without seeing or saying goodbye to their loved dear ones! So frustrating and feels like one is in the war zone waiting for the bomb to be dropped   on you without any warning! Please all do take care. We all must! Learn from the other countries and follow instructions to stay safe.


What can the school do to help occupy the children out of classroom situation in this lock-down period? 

  1. The staff have not gone on recess but continue to work as usual.
  2. Expected Term 1 programs were completed with tests and assessments.
  3. Reports have also been compiled but not for release. Parents may see if you wish.
  4. Two remaining weeks were dedicated to the End of Term Concert to be staged this Thursday 9 April, but this is now shelved due to the current state of affairs. Children were to practice for the concert but did not due to above reason.
  5. Instead homework activities/exercises were prepared for the three school sectors. Parents/Guardians have been informed via email and phone contacts to pick these up with further instructions. *We are still holding onto some of them. Please make an effort to collect them.
  6. The teachers will continue to work throughout the holiday period to update on school programs in preparation for Term 2 which starts on April 20.
  7. Term 1 Holiday: Monday 13 – Friday 17. (Friday 10 is Good Friday.) Teacher Inservice to be held during this time. However the schools in NCD are being instructed to close until April 27.
  8. The teachers will continue to provide homework activities related to revisions in Term 1 and several weeks in Term 2 in preparation. *You will be informed of how we can deliver them to your children to ensure their learning!
  9. Please send your email address to: or call our office on 325 8715.


  1. Fencing Project: We will take this downtime as an opportunity to complete the fencing project and exchange the Term 2 holiday period to conduct school classes instead. Therefore the staff will not stop work until then.
  2. The Back Playground: this is progressing and hope to get it done by the time the children return!
  3. Uniforms: With COVID-19 causing delays across the globe – we may be waiting for quite a while until our uniforms can be dispatched via air services.
  4. Term Two School Fees: are now due for payment if you have not yet done so.

Thank you for all your support and we will do our best to uphold the part of the commitment we made to serve you.

Let me take you inside the classrooms to read news about your children.

Showing by example how to use elbows to greet each other

The children always look forward to Sports Day

Friendly greetings with elbows even during sports

Play/Preschool Class (20/03/2020):

Hello and welcome from us! 

The play pre class have done their assessments and are now doing revisions on our lessons.

Classroom Expectations

The Play-Preschool children are familiar with our Jolly Phonics, Numbers, Shapes and Colours. They are able to recognise and sound letters from Level 1 (SATIPN) and are able to identify their numbers from 0-5 as well as their primary shapes and colours.

The 5 Senses – taking care of our bodies etc… “All about Me.” Due to the COVID-19 shut down, the school is closed but we will continue to provide revision & lessons.

We will support and prepare lessons with activities as homework every week. So, parents if possible, please collect your children’s homework from the school on Tuesdays and when they have completed please bring back to pick up new ones. Let us work together to help our children to keep them busy during this shutdown to continue with their learning.

Also the portfolio folder is ready to be picked up containing the children’s work throughout Term 1.

We, their teachers, want to wish everyone of our children a safe holiday, take care and stay healthy – continue to practice what we learned about Coronavirus at school please.

NB They were practising their concert items but these are now deferred until further notice.

  • Concert costumes – Plain yellow round neck shirt
  • Boys – black long pants
  • Girls – black long tights/leggings

Please continue to practise with their concert scripts.

Thank you.

Mrs Matui & Ms Heagi – Class Teachers


Prep & Gr 1 Classes – Mrs Mea & Mr Gari:

Hello all, it is good to share again.

Academic Program

We have covered all the learning areas and are now doing revision activities in class.


Ongoing assessments until week 9 ends due to punctuality and attendance of children causing delay.


Almost all the children are doing their homework very well and are going to be given homework until week 10.

Home link Book

Thank you to our parents who are making an attempt in writing comments and communicating with the class teachers. I encourage other parents to please write a comment in the home link books.


Parents please advice your child before sending them to school. Remind them of their good behaviours and healthy habits to be practiced and implement at home and in school. This may be a great help to the teachers and to avoid any inconveniences or troubles.


Few children who have showed signs of improvement in their behaviours or academic performance for the past week. Namely, Kharleeshe Ipa, Jaytee Tipa, Lynne Lowi, Faith Kuriman, Malou Mou, Jeremy Lome and Tesyl Paul.

Concert Preparation

Concert scripts and costume notes will be sent with your child. Please help practice their scripts and purchase their costumes.

Easter Baskets

We have done our Easter baskets and will need some goodies like lollies, chocolates from each child to decorate our baskets.


Rules and Drills are the highlight of our day’s work. Children are enjoying it with take away homework.

06/04/2020 Updates

I am pleased to share some updates which you would like to know. As this is also very important for your child’s learning at school and at home too.

  • Term 1 Assessment and Reports:
    I am glad to say that we were able to complete all our assessments before the lockdown started.
  • Reports are done. If you would like to know your child’s academic performance for Term 1, please contact the office to make arrangement for you to “only sight” the Report cards.
  • Term 2 Programme. (Homework)
    Please collect your child’s homework book or folder from the school. Return the folder once they are done and get new lots of work for them, every week on Tuesdays.

Thank you. More updates in the next newsletter.

Mrs Mea – Class Teacher

Vowel studies in the Grades class

Helping one another out - “learn to care”

This can be seen across all sectors

Upper Grades Classes – Mr Mea (20/03/2020):

Hello everyone. Welcome to our class highlights for this edition of our school newsletter.

First the lessons are flowing smoothly with lots of happiness and laughter. The children are learning and acquiring new knowledge and ideas all the time. This excites and challenges them daily.

Tests and Assessments

All assessments for this term are complete, however we will continue to do revision exercises on other topics that will be covered during the remaining few weeks.

Concert Preparations

Our colour for this Term 1 Concert is red. All children are expected to bring the following costumes for Term 1 Concert.

  • Red round neck shirt
  • Black shorts/trousers (boys)
  • Black tights/leggings girls)
  • White socks

Scripts will be given out this Friday for study and practice at home.

Some class highlights:

We are studying “Body Systems” in Science and have created our own poem about “My Body”. We have been practicing and competing in groups. So far all groups have done well. Congratulations everyone, especially to Sepe Sepe (jnr) and his team for taking out first place.

I hope little challenges like this can enhance their learning here.

06/04/2020 Updates

  • Term 1 Reports
    Our Reports for Term 1 have been completed and parents can come to the school for a short session or interview with me. Please call the school or see Mrs Tione for appointment.
  • Homework.
    These have been prepared and given out weekly. All parents are hereby asked to collect your child/children’s work folder from me at the school. Pick up days are Tuesdays and can be returned on Fridays. 

Thank you.

Mr Mea – Class Teacher


Library Corner – Ms Rutera:

Hello dear parents and guardians. I am pleased to share with you our library news.

The Library lessons are on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

  • Every child can borrow a book for home reading as long as he/she has a library bag.
  • Most students started to borrow, but parents are urged to help your child/children by reading with them, or to them if they are not able to read by themselves.
  • Take note that each child who has a library bag is given a folder that contains a form.
  • Please keep the form in the library bag and do not remove! This form details how well your child has been reading and also it should have your remarks when the book is returned.
  • On borrowing, your child will only be able to borrow if he/she has a library bag and strictly only on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Children use their library corner for reading during morning and other free times.

They ask for their favourite story books to read. They also sound and blend Jolly Phonic words! For the lower sector I read to them a story or play additional games with them.

06/04/2020 Update

Library will not available for lending until upon resumption.

Thank you.

Ms Rutera – Library Teacher

Bava staff are still working to serve you

Meeting to discuss how we can plan lessons…

…that your children can continue with at home.

FRONT DESK/Registrar – Mrs Tione (20/03/2020):

Hi Everyone! A special welcome to our new families who have joined our Bava Family.

First, we must take good care of our children and ourselves to keep away from this COVID-19 virus. Please do not take risks. Put in place preventive measures to avoid this pandemic virus.

Apart from the health issues our children are really doing their best to showcase their work in the corridor so please take some time to see and take photos of their work.

Just a special reminder to our parents and guardians. Term 2 School Fee Invoices have been issued already. if you have not received yours please see Mrs Tione to get yours. If misplaced, ask for a copy.

06/04/2020 Updates

Due to the lock-down, we have been keeping our distances since start of Week 8.

Hope you are all safe and well with our dear children at home.

As the situation on COVID-19 is still on high alert, Bava International School is at work preparing. Teachers have not stopped work despite this. Home-study with homework for all classes have been prepared for parents to collect from school!

I have already emailed parents to pick up folders for their children. Please communicate by responding, call school office number 325 8715 or call in person. This is important for your children to continue with their learning expectations for each term.

Thank you stay safe and healthy.

Mrs Tione – Registrar


  • Keep them engaged in real-time learning
    f your children are unlikely to spend the day at a desk on their homework, a useful way of engaging them in their learning is by doing real-time interactive activities.
  • Keep them active
    Design activities to keep your children moving at home, whether that’s games outdoors or dancing to videos indoors.
  • Keep them full
    A full stomach encourages learning, as you will avoid grumpy faces when trying to sit them down. Make sure to keep healthy food on hand for snacks too.
  • Keep things short and simple
    Aim to strike a balance between between task demand (how hard it is and how long it takes) and available resources (children’s prior knowledge and the resources they have to hand) to ensure your child absorbs knowledge.

Construction has begun on the carpark fence on Turua Ave

Originally planned for the Term 2 Holidays...

...but we are using this time to be productive!


When we should open the school up for children to return to classes is dependent on the announcement by the Authorities and your own personal judgement. Please make sure no child comes to school if they have a cough or cold symptoms like sneezing. You know what is best! Update and educate yourselves with the COVID-19 Virus Pandemic daily and share with loved ones. Stay alert! Be mindful of what you see/read/hear from social media, only trust reputable sources for your news. Be careful, stay healthy and safe.

In the meantime, while we are all isolated from each other, we would love if parents could send us pictures of their children at home continuing to learn and do their homework so we may share these on our Facebook Page. We hope this will encourage children to see their peers doing the same and motivate each other to continue in their journey to learn.

Wishing you all a safe and happy Easter break, with love and kindness to all Bava children.

We miss you so much and be good boys and girls!!

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