Newsletter 3, Term 2 2021


Happy Mother’s Day to all our Bava Family mothers!

Life is not normal these days, which is having an effect on our school programs in the normal and usual ways that we have been running them for the last thirty years! It feels weird but we do not really have much of a choice. It is for everyone’s benefit to keep safe and healthy due to the COVID-19 protocols! Regardless, life must continue the best way we can manage in whatever role we are tasked with. Ours is the trust and confidence you have given us to care for and educate your children in 2021 the best we know how. This is what we have been doing since the school year began on 29 January!

The latest Covid-19 lockdown did not disrupt the commitment of providing your children with their continued education. The staff and teachers persevered under these prevailing circumstances without school fees being paid. This did not deter us from the commitment we made to you/your children this year. Likewise we do hope that you honour your part of the bargain in appreciating the results received from our services to pay up in full the school fees please.


11 weeks duration remains. Ends Friday 25 June. Four weeks into the term and so much has already been done. Highlights of which are to be brought to you by each class teacher for your information.


Completed but not to be released. Any concerned parents/guardians may see Mrs Tione for an appointment to see your child’s teacher. Call 3258715 or ask at the counter!


Friday 25 June – but to be confirmed due to Covid-19 issues.


Must be paid in full by end of next week as invoices for Term 3 will be issued. This includes transport and meals also. Our salary/wages/operational costs must be met !


It took some drastic steps to get their attention to fix it. The school is not responsible for this public car park. Thanks to the late Hon. David Unagi/also the former chairman ensured all schools in the city had good accessible car parks! May his soul RIP.


MOTHERS’ DAY – This Sunday 9 May. As usual the lovely teachers & children are making beautiful cards for their mums! 

Wishing all our mothers of Bava, PNG and the world a “Happy Mothers’ Day!”


I wish to ask you to read what your child’s teacher has to say please. Let me take you inside.

Arts & crafts to learn shapes & colours

Tracing a sun shape to learn the “S” sound

A drama act about ears made from egg cartons


Hello and warm welcome. The children were all excited to come back to school and we all missed each other.

Two new children joined and we are happy to welcome them in. They are Fatima and Jarianne. Fatima came in crying and kicking but has settled in well and doing her class activities. This is our Week 4 and they are enjoying their activities and playtime with toys and play-dough.

Class Activities:

  • Finger/Jolly Phonics Vol 1 and 2: Play/preschool children are now identifying sounds and pictures in these sound levels.
  • Tricky words: “I, the, he, she.” Saying the words and spelling the words too.
  • Sounding and blending of 2 letter words: “is, in, it.” These are little children from ages 2 to 4 years old!
  • Maths: Numbers, shapes and colours are also being taught to them. Revisions are being done and we continue to learn numbers 6 – 10.
  • Shapes: are being also taught.
  • Colours: Orange and purple. Encouraging arts and crafts by collaging shapes and using orange and purple colours.

The students also identify colour mixing of red and yellow to get orange and blue and red to get purple. *Amazing how little minds can easily and quickly absorb new information in their learning experiences.

Our theme for Term 2 is My Environment and Me.

Children are learning about their environment and what is around them. We will continue with this theme for the rest of this term.

 Thank you from the class teachers.

Ms Heagi & Ms Matui – Class Teachers



Greetings to you all. Welcome back to Term 2.

We are glad to see you all and excited to explore new lessons throughout this term with all our lovely children.

Term 2 Program

Our theme for this term “My Environment.”

We started off with our lesson topics on plants, food and weather and will continue to learn more as we go along!


Please check and assist your child with his or her homework.


Please come early to school, wear proper school uniforms and remind your child about his/her behaviour at home before coming to school. This can be rather distracting for his/her own learning as well as the rest of the class students.


Please remind/encourage your child to wear his/her mask and carry hand sanitiser if you can, otherwise the school is able to hand sanitise upon entry. Keep your child at home if they are sick. *Please make sure this is observed. Thank you.

Wishing the happiest Mother’s Day to all our beautiful Mamas.

Mrs Mea – Class Teacher

Holiday homework - Building model houses

Importance of healthy food, fruits & veggies

Word search in the library with the Grades


Hi everyone, welcome to our class news!

Classroom work

We have begun on the new units and topics for all subjects for this term. The students are coping well and we are all excited to learn more as we  progress into the term.


All assessments are done after proper revision of each topic. We are doing revisions now and  should be  done by next week.

Homework Folders

All work by children are filled in their respective portfolios and will be given out at the end of the term.

General Behaviour

Our students have settled in well. Now we are focused on their work, but still need to be supervised and guided as they can forget at times.

Attendance and Punctuality

Please encourage your child to rest well and come to school daily. This is an important aspect of  learning development and its successes.

Thank you.

Mr Mea – Class Teacher



Hello parents.

The Library is now open for children to borrow reading books. It is so pleasing to see them participate during their library activities in collaging, painting, writing alphabetical letters and in searching for words according to the Jolly Phonics Volume Levels 1-7 in their classes.

The library lessons are based on the Term theme “All Around My Environment” which will be taught with some exciting activities. We shall share more as we go into the term’s work.

Thank you.

Ms Rutera – Librarian



Welcome back.

We are into Week 4 and are slowly but surely doing pretty good at the school. Children are busy with school and home work with their class teachers.

Covid-19 protocols are being followed and we are pleased to see this at school, thanks.

Please kindly settle your child’s school fees if you have not done so yet. Very important that you do settle them!

**Please contact the school if you have not received your invoice.

Thank you and stay safe.

Mrs Tione – Registrar

Exploring our environment with the Grades

Collecting sand to analyse micro ecosystems

NCDC workers tending to the carpark potholes

In closing I wish to thank you for your continuing trust you have in the school management and its teachers to serve you all this year. It has not been an easy year just like last year due to the Covid-19 Pandemic Crisis! Every family, business, school and community are feeling the brunt of this unforeseen situation. It is now real in our city and country and we are unsure to announce any of our usual public events like end of term concerts to be staged. We shall play it by ear! Should you have any queries regarding your children please do not hesitate to communicate with the front desk – Mrs Tione or call 3258715 to arrange a meeting.

LATE ARRIVALS TO CLASSES – Very important that all children are inside the school by no later than 8am please. Train your children to be punctual. Thank you.

Enjoy the photos of some of the activities your children have been up to. Those of you with email addresses will be sent this online and those others may pick up the print copies.


With love and gratitude,

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