Newsletter 4, Term 2 2019


Happy Easter from all the students and staff at Bava!

This term has been quite disruptive as in week 1 a school day was lost and another in week 2 for the Good Friday/Easter Public holidays. This means that we have to work extra hard to squeeze in as much as possible to compensate for the lost days.

Parents/guardians’ understanding and support with children’s homework is most likely expected.

1. Brief Announcements/Reminders:

    • Term Duration: 11 weeks. April 8 – June 21. Holiday Duration: June 24 – July 12  (3 weeks).
    • Good Friday April 19/Easter Monday April 22.
    • Week 2 Resumed on Tuesday April 23.
    • Swimming Program – commenced Wednesday April 24.  Please ensure your child brings swimwear, towel and bag to put wet clothes in every Wednesday.
    • Label your child’s belongings to avoid any disappointments/ease of finding when misplaced.
    • Special Events: ANZAC/REMEMBRANCE DAY – April 25 Thursday.
    • Mother’s Day:  Sunday May 12. Wish Mum her best day ever!
    • End of Term 2 Concert: June 19 Wednesday. Home-Time/Holiday Commences on this day.
    • Teacher Inservice runs from June 20 Thursday – Friday 28 June.
    • Term 3 commences July 15, ends September 20 Friday (10 weeks total).
    • Term 3 Holiday: September 23 – 27 (1 week).
    • Term 4 dates: September 30 – December 6.
    • End of Term 4/Annual Concert: Wednesday 4 December 2019.
    • Teacher In-Service: December 5-13.
    • Staff Retires Friday 13/12/19 Resumes: 20/1/20. 
  • 2020 School Year Commences: Monday 27 January.

2. Term School Fees: Tuition/Transport/Meal fees – those who still owe, you are all requested to pay up in full by May Friday 3 to return to school in Week 5 on Monday May 6. Thank you.

Now let me take you into the classrooms for your children’s news updates!

3. PLAY-PRESCHOOL Ms Heagi/Mrs Matui/Mrs Kone:

Hi everyone, welcome back to Term Two!  The return in term two has been full of fun, smiles and happiness! Which is rather different to Term one as is expected but all is under control now! In this term:

    • The children have been doing revisions on Jolly Phonics Numbers, Shapes and Colours.
    • We have had the privilege of having Ms Bonnie Daro in our classes.
    • Ms Daro jnr showed & taught the children some games, creative arts and crafts. The children really enjoyed their time with her. Their work are now being displayed along the hall way and waiting room at the front!
  • The Play/Preschool classes wish to thank Ms Daro jnr for her time with us and for teaching the children new things. We learned a lot from her.

Thank you!

Ms Heagi, Mrs Matui and Ms Kone

Making star shapes in Play/Pre class

Blowing bubble shapes outdoors

Making cookies in Play/Pre with Ms Daro Jnr

4. PREP/GRADE 1 – Mrs Mea/Mr Gari:

Hello everyone! We are glad to share what we have started doing for the 2nd term with our Theme: Exploring Our Wonderful World.


    • In Science we have done revision activities on the five senses and integrated the lessons with our environment.
    • Social studies we learnt about the Living things and Non Living things in the environment. Followed by a practical lesson around the school ground.
    • Health lessons are based on the health and science of nutrients. There will be practical lessons done this week on the three food groups.
    • Maths lessons will continue with numerations while the four operations are taught to the children.
    • In Jolly Phonics we have covered volume 1 and we are now on volume 2 learning new “tricky words” every week. The children are reading rhyming words, sentences and story books.
  • Tests will be given in weeks 2, 4, 6 on Thursdays.


  • So far this term the children have been good, however we will continue to remind or advice them to behave appropriately at all times in school and at homes.

Homework Days

    • Preps – Mondays and Wednesdays
  • Grade 1s – Tuesdays and Thursdays


Please remind your child to bring their library bags for borrowing on Tuesdays and return the books on Thursdays.

From Mr Gari

“Maths/Science Practical Lessons” – Let’s find out!!!

This term the Preps and Grade One will be exploring our Wonderful World with some exciting practical lessons.

Thank you and God bless you all.

Mrs Mea and Mr Gari


Hello everyone and welcome once again to our class highlights/news for this newsletter.

Grades Programme Overview Term 2

We did some revision work from Term 1. We have also done our introductory lessons on our Units for this term;

    • English – Grammar
    • Maths – Operations
    • Science – Plants and Animals
    • Health – Nutrition
    • Social Studies – Weather
  • Arts – Colours

We painted our colour wheels using primary colours. The children also mixed paint to create secondary colours. We are now looking forward to our Rainbow painting activity. The children are so excited.

Special Event – Easter

We made some creative crafts for Easter. I hope you have enjoyed what your children made for you. Thank you for making our Easter Baskets & Eggs possible.

Home Link Books

This is very important because it enables the teacher and parents to communicate and report on a child’s performance, either daily or weekly. *An exercise book will be provided for this so please ensure to check and make comments in it.


Please be reminded that if your child is not engaged in our Home Reading Programme yet, I am suggesting that you do so this term. Please check with Mrs Tione for the Library bags.

Thank you and until next time.

Mr Mea 

Making beach collages as a fun crafts activity

Playtime during lunch for friends

Winners of the sports day!


Hi and welcome back especially the new families who have only just joined our Bava Family!

Term One was so special, ending in style with our children and their teachers, the main stars! Another successful year in sight for 2019! So much is happening although it is only the first week!

A Few Reminders:

Term Fees/Transport/Meal Fees – Kindly pay up by Friday 3 May for Week 5 Entry on May 6! Please pay up your child’s school fees if you still owe the school. Consult the school office should you have any query.

Thank you.

Mrs Tione 

Cheeky smiles in the Grades class!

Painting and cutting plant shapes

Boys from Grades class displaying their work

I am sure you have enjoyed the news updates about your children for this term and what is to come in the ensuing months.

Please take time to absorb and take special notes of dates and events for your easy reference and forward planning.

Thank you for your support and until next issue happy sharing and see you very soon.

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