Newsletter 4, Term 2 2021


World Environment Day - Putting Ecosystem Restoration on a Pedestal

Certainly things have changed drastically due to Covid-19 impacts everywhere and our school is no exception. Can you believe we are already only a few more weeks away before ending this current term? We are already into the next half of this year! The end of this term marks the end of half of the school year. Please kindly pay attention to the contents of this letter for some important information for all parents and guardians to adhere to. Let us get started.


Current term ends on Friday June 26 after completing a 11 weeks program.


All now completed with Report Cards.


Are now ready for release by the end of this term. *Only students with fully paid up fees will be allowed to collect theirs.


Must be fully paid by now. *Collect your invoice from Mrs Tione.


Due for payment now, please you may pay directly into the bank if you prefer. *Get details from Mrs Tione please. **Only Fully paid students will be allowed back in Term 3.


3 weeks from 28 June to 16 July. Teachers will provide weekly homework so keep in touch during this time.


Will be held from Monday 5 –  Friday 16 July before Term 3 starts.


Any parents/guardians intending to do so, please inform Mrs Tione to make an appointment with your child’s teacher.


The teachers and their classes will still go ahead to stage it on their own but we are cautious to invite the usual attendance of big crowds into the school due to sufficient space & seating allocation issues. We sincerely apologize and regret this situation! We may still ask our parents to give your child a packed lunch to have a little party afterwards.

*This will be held on Friday 26 June from 9 – 12.30pm HOMETIME PICKUP.


Please like us and  befriend us so you can participate and see what your children are doing at school. Not often we come out to you with our newsletters. We post regularly on our Facebook page and it would be great to share them with you all.


Children are allowed to borrow books when they come to collect homework during the holiday period to continue with their reading. Many reports show that reading is one aspect children need more help/support from home. Kindly become aware of your child’s need in this area to assist. 

Let me take you inside the school to share the news of your children. Hope you like the pictures we publish in the newsletter. If you wish to see more, our photos, the school  Facebook page is the best place to be!

Happy Environment Day - celebrating our ecosystem

Arts and crafts in the Play/Preschool sector

12. PLAY/PRESCHOOL Class – Mrs Matui & Ms Heagi:

Hello parents/guardians!

We are well and good and have completed all our assessments for the half year reports. I am happy with all the children, especially Monalisa who is usually shy and quiet. She can now talk openly during their Circle time to share her weekend story. Well done Monalisa!

When Papua first came to school, he kept to himself and did not want to talk and play with others. Now Papua has made lots of friends and loves to sing and dance!

Winston loves to paint and get his hands covered in paint.  He likes to sing and dance also. Winston really shows maturity and is now eager to learn unlike a few weeks ago. He cried daily and it was difficult but we got Ms Daro to help out and he now loves to come to school. Well done Winston!

The Play/Preschool children are preparing for their concert and are practicing hard. Please kindly help your child at home.

Thank you from the class teachers.

Ms Heagi & Ms Matui – Class Teachers


13. Prep & Gr 1 Classes – Mrs Mea:

Greetings to you all. So much has happened over the last 8 weeks of schooling. We are pleased to share updates with you.

Our Term 2 Program

All lessons have been covered, tested and assessed but only those several ones who may be reportedly sick must complete this term’s assessment expectations before graduating from Bava International School with their certificate!

Tests and assessable tasks are done. Reports have been written ready for handout at the end of the term. Revision of activities will continue for the next 3 weeks of school. Concert scripts will be given out to each child to practice in school and at home.

Holiday homework will be given weekly (pick up every Tuesday.) Term 2 student portfolios will be given at the end of this term with only fully paid school fees. Concert costumes with script notes will be written in the diary.

Activities and Events

Children were able to explore, discover and understand the theme and lessons based on the environment.  We celebrated the World Environment Day! Last week was one of the best Event to blend with our theme for this term.

Children were able to create craft animals and plants. They even planted Sunflower seeds and other plant parts for our practical lessons.

Performance (Academic behavior)

Thank you to all our parents for supporting and providing the resources we needed for our planting activity as well as our health lesson on food. Thank you also for your continuous support in your child’s education. So far I have seen a lot of improvement in the Prep and Grade 1 class with their academic performance. We will continue guiding them with their behavior in school and at home.

Lastly, I wish to ask you to remind your child to follow the Covid-19 Protocols and safety measures always before sending them to school. 

Thank you and stay safe.

Mrs Mea – Class Teacher

Showing our frogs on leaves for Environment Day

Jellyfish, frogs and trees on display

14. Upper Grades Classes – Mr Mea:

Hello everyone,  it is with my pleasure to invite you to our class insights for this edition.

Assessments and Reports

All Assessments for this term have now been completed.
The students have done well generally and I am so happy. 

Student Reports have also been completed.

Class Highlights

I am pleased to see students improving in their studies as well as their general behaviors. But there’s still room for improvement, therefore we will continue to work on these key areas and I am asking parents to do likewise at home.

Teacher Parent Interviews

Any parent interested should call the school office so appointments can be done in advance. Interviews will be done during the Term 2 holidays. Phone: 3258715

Lastly, I want to thank all my parents for your assistance towards our science practical on Coloured Lettuce.

Thank you and God bless you all.

15. Library Corner – Ms Rutera:

Hello parents! The Library is open for borrowing for the remaining weeks until Tuesday 22nd June in Week 11. You are kindly asked to return any school books on Wednesday 23rd June before 25th Concert Day.  In addition to borrowing, students are allowed to borrow books unless they have a library bag. No library bag, no borrowing of school library books. So please if your child has not been borrowing, buy a library bag for him or her to borrow books in.

The library assessment and reports are completed and are ready for pickup during the Concert! Students are now practicing for their concert at school and please help them at home too.

Thank you.

Ms Rutera – Librarian


16. Registrar – Mrs Tione:

Welcome back all. Some of our reminders here, please note.

1. SCHOOL FEE INVOICES – TERM 3: This is week 9. To all parents and guardians I will be issuing Term 3 school fee invoices. We kindly ask that you pay please. **ONLY Paid students will be allowed to enter class in Term 3. Confirm with the school office if you have not collected your invoice. We will be having 3 weeks of school holidays and that should give you a lot of time to settle the school fees.

2. Late pick up fees do apply after 3.30pm and Friday 1.30pm. *NO PICKUP’ after these hours. Very important, please parents do not let your child wait too long to be picked up. *A Fee of K20 is charged for that day and it must be paid.

3. Term 2 School fees. Kindly settle as soon as possible.

4. Always follow Covid 19 Protocols please.

Stay safe and God bless.

Mrs Tione – Registrar

Students in Prep/Grade 1 showing off their proud crafts for World Environment Day. This theme aligned with our Term Theme: “All Around My Environment”

This is the final Newsletter for this term and I kindly ask that you find the time to read the contents in full. The term holidays will be 3 weeks. Any Teacher-Parent interviews will be arranged appropriately. Any transfers will be properly made and legitimized.

Thank you for your continuing support! Please stay safe and keep following the Covid-19 Protocols!

Live in Peace with Kindness,

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