Newsletter 5, Term 2 2020


The Upper Grades preparing their volcano experiments


First, I wish to thank you for the trust and confidence you have placed in our school, the teachers, the management and myself to return during this uncertain time of the Covid-19 challenges. We can only do the best to keep and maintain the environment clean and ensure that the health, safety rules, procedures and good habits are continuously learned and practised at school. However, parents and families alike are equally responsible to ensure likewise for the progress and the results of same to be successful. Let us all co-operate to keep every one of us and those around us safe and healthy! SOE has been lifted but the challenges and the onus remain on each one of us! Please take heed and care for others’ lives too!

  1. Term 2 commenced 20 April – ends July 3. *Slight changes made to cover Covid-19 challenges.
  2. An additional week in Term 2 Holidays has been given to the children to compensate for the loss of time in real classroom situation experiences. Holiday periods are not paid in school fees.
  3. End of Term 2 Concert – Wednesday 1 July at 9.45am for  10am start. 12.30pm finish to lead into the start of the Term 2 school holidays. Program will be provided. Costumes & scripts needs, please read carefully your child’s teacher’s notes in this letter below. Ask teachers/Mrs Tione at the front desk. Confirm if both parents are coming for seating arrangements.
  4. Bring something to share for lunch if you wish to participate. Children usually do this! Perhaps come with a mask? We do sell them at the school. Thank you.
  5. Teacher Inservice Preparations run Thurs 2 –  Fri 3 July
  6. Teacher Inservice Workshop held on Mon – Fri (6-12 July)
  7. Term 2 Holidays start Thursday 2 – Friday 24 July.
  8. Term 3 Starts Monday 27 July 2020. *All Fees must be paid in full.
  9. Half Year Reports will be handed out to children with fully paid up fees only.
  10. Covid-19 Safety/Health Care – please if your child is feeling sick/hot/coughing let him/her stay home or seek medical help. But please do notify the school immediately. We will do the same from school.
  11. We are confident to showcase our children on stage on Wednesday 1st July for their combined end of Term 1 & 2 Concerts for you to enjoy and share. We cordially invite parents/guardians to let the office know how many/who is coming please? We will do our best to show off your lovely children and their teachers’ achievements!
  12. We have lost a substantial number of students during this Covid-19 Pandemic but we are still confident of their return. We wish them all the best and good health!

Let me now take you inside for your children’s stories. Enjoy!

Students in Play/Pre listening intently

Practicing social distancing in assembly

A song composed for World Environment Day


Hello everyone from the Lower sector. The Play/Preschool students are happy and doing well with our preparations for the end of Term 2 concert.

Assessments – completed and now working on end of term report cards.

Reminders: Concert

Parents please help your child with his or her script.

Concert costumes – black shorts/leggings and green T-shirt.

They are looking forward to their end of term concert.

Thank you.

Ms Heagi & Mrs Matui – Class Teachers



Greetings to all our parents and guardians. Welcome to another edition of our newsletter. I am pleased to share some stories  and news from our sector.

Assessments: All assessable tasks have been completed for recording.

Reports: Report writing is done to be submitted for Principal’s final remarks. Semester 1 Reports will be handed out to parents end of this term.

Portfolios: All Portfolios will be given out once I have done recording all our marks.

Revision lessons/Enrichment Activities – I will continue to give revision lessons. Please continue encouraging your child to do homework or any task given.

World Environment Day (Friday 5th June 2020): Our class participated in this special event by planting their plants brought from home. We also planted our spring onions on the 3rd of June. Your child will be coming home with his/her spring onions once we see it sprout. Please assist them transplant and care for it.

Thank you to our parents/guardians for allowing your child bring a plant to school have made this program successful. We wound down our program with a song and dance relating to environment and did beautiful posters.

Concert Preparations: Your child will come home with concert scripts. Please assist them to practise at home. Our concert uniforms – plain green shirt and black trousers/legging. Please prepare your child’s concert costumes for them to bring on the big day.

Thank you for reading our news/stories and we are looking forward to seeing you all in our upcoming concert to show case to you what we have achieved this term.

Mrs Mea (Class Teacher) & Ms Rutera (Assistant Teacher)

Planted spring onions on World Environment Day

Close-up of the budding plants!

Prep class learning words with Mrs Mea


Hello everyone. Welcome to our class insights for this edition.

Attendance and Punctuality: There has been a lot of improvement in their attendance and I am very pleased.

Homework: This is ongoing so I am reminding all parents to check children’s books and assist where necessary.

Teacher–Parent interviews: So far, I have had three interviews and I want to thank those parents for finding time to attend and discuss important issues regarding your children. I would like to encourage others to do likewise.

Class Progress: Most students are coping well. Just one or two that need special attention. Reading is a key area that needs mentioning. All students in the Grades should be engaged. So, if your child is or has not borrowed, please I urge you to see me or the Librarian as soon as possible.

Lessons/Practicals: A very big thank you to those parents who have assisted us in our practical lessons in Science (Matter) and Social Studies (Volcanoes). The students really enjoyed the water experiment and they participated so well during our volcano experiment in their respective groups.

Special thank you also to Mrs S Paul (Terry and Tesyl’s mother) for donating the alcohol hand rub to the school. Your contribution has helped us one way or another.

Concert Preparations: We are now preparing for the concert, so I am asking you to please encourage your children to practice at home.

That’s all for now.

Mr Mea – Class Teacher



Hi everyone and welcome to this edition of newsletter.

Our Library has been fun with students borrowing books for  either home reading or at school. All had been good and now we are all looking forward to our end of term concert.

All our students take part in reading, sounding and blending sounds and are always asked first thing in the morning after arriving from home. They pack away and come to the library to read a book and any time during/after small lunch, big lunch at home time.

They come to the library to pre-occupy themselves. I have selected some students to showcase especially, to read books because reading is the most fundamental thing in the library and is the foremost purpose of it in our school. I am very happy most students are improving on reading and are interested to borrow at their own time.

Thank you.

Ms Rutera – Library Teacher



Hi parents and guardians, welcome back!

We are now through this term and many things have happened within our city and our country.

As far as SOE is concerned, we should still be making it a habit for a new normal in our homes, schools and workplaces. This is important for our own wellbeing and our family’s hygiene.

I am sure you would all agree with me. Thanks a lot for understanding this situation.

With that said, Should your child need a mask, we have them on sale for K3.00/K3.50.


  • School Uniforms – still coming/due to Covid-19 delayed.
  • Parent/Teacher interviews, please make appointment at the front desk.
  • School hours as normal from 7:30am – 2:30pm.
  • Term 2 school fees, please those of you still owe settle before the term ends.
  • Drop Off and Pickup children, always be on time.
  • Term 3 Fees are also due for payment anytime now.

Thank you and have a wonderful and blessed week.

Mrs Tione – Registrar

Upper Grades volcano craft works. So detailed!

Preparing the mud for the volcano experiment

Adding the reactants to see it explode!

I hope you have all read your children’s news/stories and enjoyed them? Just to remind all that if you can confirm how many family members are coming so we can make necessary preparations. If I can please ask those coming to wear masks, we sell them here. We wish to continue with the safety and health rules imposed as they are to our own advantage and benefits. I also would like ensure that as parents and matured people to set the examples to our children the good healthy and safety habits in the fight against this scary Covid-19 Pandemic even though it may not be obvious and evident here with us. Prevention is better than Cure! With that there is a Shared Lunch after the Concert if you want your children to participate. Kindly bring something to share please, thank you everyone! Until then, see you back here at school or at the concert on July 1!

Blessings all around,

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