Newsletter 5, Term 3 2021


All the wonderful costumes for National Book Week!

It always gives me much pleasure to share the stories of our children to parents and guardians. Yes, everyday at school so much happens. We learn as much as we can while we teach and care for them to learn at the same time. Learning is a continuous process just like the child itself growing in every way. I do hope you are able to experience some however little or significant achievement they may seem we do recognise them! This is when we share their news like in this broadcast with you throughout each term!

It cannot be ignored that Covid-19 has had and is still impacting us all and has reshaped our thinking and ways of living styles too. Still the core of our family units with children being the core focus does give each parent/guardian added turn of challenges in these recent times. We all want the best for our children, the best of education and what life has to offer in their years ahead. It is also the best investment we can give to them as well as to ourselves. The benefits will be reaped in their later years. Everyone will appreciate and be grateful to each other in one way or another!


Because it is the final term, any new topic is introduced for the year’s learning programs for academic performance and assessment gradings. Next term in Term 4 will see the three term academic programs to be revised and reassessed. This will ensure that the child is adequately prepared for the next upgrade/level in next year’s class he will be allocated to.

No child must be half prepared for the next level in the new year class upgrade! He/she will not be recommended.


More reason why your child must attend school and I cannot stress how important this is.

*If he/she misses school, please ensure to reach the school in order to make appropriate remedial preparations. 


All this has been put on hold due to Covid-19 safety rules and we do not want to risk our children to any opportunities. Hope you all share our concern also.


This program also affects the pool programs too. Let alone the water, power, frequent outages and rations. Also the weather itself is unpredictable many times. Currently there are some leaks which needs attention/repairs.


To all parents/guardians concerned, kindly pay up by end of this month. Thank you for your kind understanding and support.

  • End of Term Concert: Yet to decide if any to go ahead.
  • End of Term: Friday 24 September followed by 1 week of holidays.
  • Repentance Day: Thursday 26 August (PUBLIC HOLIDAY / No School)
  • Papua New Guinea Week (Independence): 13 – 17 September
  • 46th Independence Anniversary Celebrations/Open Day: Wednesday 15 September. *Thursday 16 September is PUBLIC HOLIDAY & School resumes Friday 17 September.
  • Term 4 starts on Monday 4 October

Play/Pre’s displaying their water cycle art

Another example of water cycles

A practical experiment to show precipitation


a/ There will be only three payments required for payment. No payments will be accepted in T4. Meaning that all current running year fees must be settled before the end of Term 2 or the beginning of Term 3.

b/ Specific Details will be advised by the end of September! This is also when 2022 Enrolments will be opened for acceptance. *Keep your eyes peeled too for some interesting twists!*


Any students desiring to leave must also hand in their filled forms to help us with the 2022 forward planning!

Let me now take you inside to your children to share their news with you.


All have settled down well and are doing great and have covered most of their topics.

Jolly Phonics

Learning the Volumes 1 and 2 sounds and identifying the letters to the sounds. They can say their tricky word and spell it as well. In Term Two, they were sounding and blending the 2 letter words. Now they are learning to sound and blend the 3 letter words.

For weeks 4 – 5 they will be doing pictorial reading with the tricky 3 letter sounding and blending words with pictures.


The children can identify their numbers 0-10 and say their poems. In weeks 2-4 the children covered the topics of addition, subtraction and patterns. In week 5 they will be learning about parts and what makes a whole.

Shapes and Colours

Children are familiar with the shapes and colours. They can say their shapes and the poems.

Our theme for term 3 is My Changing World. The Play-Pre’s are learning about their changing world. They have done and covered some many interesting topics so far with their Science Water Cycle,  living and non living things.

Social studies: Transport, Land, Air, Sea and Communication and Technology.

Health: We are on Healthy habits and Good manners.

Reminder for parents. Please continue to help the Preschools with their homework at home.

Thank you.

Mrs Matui – Class Teacher

Hi from the Prep & Gr 1 class!

Happy 7th birthday to Joel!

Sharing ice cream and cake guarantees smiles!

10. Prep & Gr 1 Classes – Mrs Mea:

Greetings & welcome, getting into week four has been hard work and so good to see children are participating well. The Theme “Lockdown, Stay Safe-Read Books” for the National Book Week in week 3 was celebrated. Thank you for your support.

Lessons Covered to date

  • English: Jolly Grammar – Nouns (proper nouns, common nouns,  singular nouns  and plural nouns)
  • Maths: Multiplication (Pictorial/Numeral)
  • Science: Technology and Inventions
  • Social Studies: Professions and transport
  • Health: Good Habits, Bad Habits and Road Safety
  • Arts: Craft Activities
  • PE: Locomotor and non-locomotor movements

Homework is given, however a few children are not coming with their home-link books and folders to school. Parents please help remind or check your child’s homework folders. *This is a very important part of their final term and year assessments!

Thank you and stay safe.

Mrs Mea – Class Teacher
11. Upper Grades Classes – Mr Mea:

Welcome to our class highlights so far this term. Settled in well and are gradually progressing through the respective subject contents.

Test and Assessment

All assessments begin next week (Week 5) after completion of units and topics as planned.

I would like to encourage all students to revise to prepare well in advance.


I am asking parents to check your child’s home-link book each week and comment. I would be more than glad to hear from you. This is so very important because it provides the progressive assessments/evaluations towards the final year results!

Attendance and punctuality

We have done well so far in this area. Let us keep this good attitude in place.

Library and Home Reading

Some students are not taking this Reading program seriously.(A Reader Is A Leader!) Can parents please ensure that children are actively taking part?

Otherwise children should be allowed to read at home using newspapers and any other source of physical paper reading like other books you have. It is very important for our children at this time of their learning stage.

Teacher parent interviews

I have requested a couple of parents for interviews this term, however only Mrs Minong has come forward. I am asking other parents to make appointments through the office (Mrs Tione) and sign in the home-links. *Please give your child the priority and care he/she deserves!

Former Bava student doing well

Helen Launch (jnr) A grade 12 student at Marrianville Secondary school was a student at Bava International School from 2012-2013. We have heard reports that she is doing extremely well and we wish her all the best for this year and into the future. Other students like Shirley and Donovan Ben are also doing extremely well. Many like them are!

Grades Science experiment on Rainbows

Another very exciting science lesson enjoyed by all. Hope to  do more practicals soon.

That is about all for now.

Mr Mea – Class Teacher

Grades class with an outdoor practical

Refracting light shows colours of the rainbow

Bright students love reading in the library!

12. Library Corner – Ms Rutera:

Lessons are given as well as borrowing.
*No Bag = No Borrowing! *

Another reminder that many children are unable to borrow because they do not have or bring into the school their library bags. Please, this is so important to your child’s learning.  There are some children who do have library bags but they do not bring them along on Tuesday and Thursday.

Several students are progressing well, even the Play-Preschool students can sound and blend two and three letter words confidently. Well done!

Thank you.

Ms Rutera – Library Teacher


13. Registrar – Mrs Tione:

Hello everyone.

Happy to report that those of us who are keeping strong and dedicated to the commitment we made to our children have made it to this far into more than half of another Covid-19 challenge year! So thankful to see we are all helping each other in this time of pandemic.

We have put on hold outside excursion activities due to priority being given to keep safe and healthy from Covid-19 and the new Delta strain scare being experienced elsewhere.

We still ensure that children still enjoy both in and outside of the school/classroom environment in the activities to compensate for that.

School Fees: Must be paid in full by the end of this month.

Late Pick up:  kindly pick up your child on time. Fees apply.

Stay safe and God bless.

Mrs Tione – Registrar

Patiently watching the Book Week event

Beautiful princess costumes in bright colours

Great chance to practice speaking & dressing up

I do hope that you have found some time to read your child’s news because there is much to be devoured for everyone’s sake! Some information may be time sensitive so that it is that important that you become aware. Until then, let us fully co-operate to support one another to help our children in the right direction with the right attitudes and mindsets! Thank you all for trusting us to take care of your children this year! 

Blessings & Peace,

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