Newsletter 7, Term 3 2019


Celebrating #PeaceDay around the world at Bava School!

The school is in full swing and we are sure you would want to hear from us! Seven weeks into the term and it already feels like the year is running away. We are working against the many disruptions to our normal school learning routines, with many declared public holidays! More and more productive days are becoming less and less! Let us all pray and hope that these declared public holidays truly serve their purposes meaningfully! Happy Repentance Day! Let us get started!


  • Repentance Day — Monday 26 August.
  • Father’s Day — Sunday 1 September.
  • PNG 44 Independence Anniversary — Monday 16 September/Public Holiday *But will be celebrated by children on an Open Day (Friday 13 September). *Traditional Dress is not compulsory! Children are free to dress in any attire related to PNG! Remember the following Friday is when parents are expected for our End of term concert with at least 1 family member to attend please!
  • Term Tests, Assessments & Evaluations – In progress.
  • End of Term Concert — Friday 20 September.
  • Term 3 Ends — Friday 20 September.
  • Hiri Moale Festival — Saturday & Sunday 21-22 September at Ela Beach.
  • Term 3 School Holiday — Monday 23 – Friday 27 September (1 week).
  • Teacher In-Service Monday 23 — Friday 27 September.
  • Teacher/Parent Interviews — Monday 23 & Wednesday 25 September. By appointment only.
  • Term Four School Fees — To be fully settled Friday 27 September. Before Term 4 commences Monday 30 September. Thank you all.
    TERM 4 STARTS MONDAY 30 SEPTEMBER – FEES TO BE FULLY PAID BY FRIDAY 27 SEPTEMBER. *Invoices will now be issued to give you ample time to comply with.
  • #PeaceDay 193 Youth — 21 September. An initiative where children in all 193 UN Member States stand united in peace. Bava International School has been invited to sign up and participate to celebrate its 20th anniversary. This is a network of a global youth activation making Peace Day 21 September 2019 for the first time in history. The school has taken photos and signed up to be part of this celebration. We are so proud to participate in this important global network of young people. A new family member to add into our future special events /programs.
  • BOOK WEEK — this was successfully staged, all classes participated in colourful ways! Their hard work with pictures was posted on our Facebook Page as well.

Let us now lend our five senses to our dear little ones!

The little ones making Traffic Lights!

Celebrating Book Week in Play/Preschool

The Play/Pre’s “Big Book of Facial Expressions”


Hello from the Play Pre Class!

Jolly Phonics: (Satipn Vol 1.)
This term the children are getting more familiar with the sounds and their corresponding letter names.  Sounding and blending three letter words: sat, sit, ant, tap, tip, tin, pan, pin, nap and nip. They can also say and spell their tricky words: all, you, your, come, some, said, here, there, they. Now in week 6 we are introducing Jolly Phonics Vol 2. They are so excited to learn new sounds with actions and songs.

Maths: Children can identify and write their numbers 0-10.
For weeks 3, 4 & 5 they have been doing additions + and equals = and the meaning of the word addition. And in week 4 they learned patterns and are doing very well. In week 6, subtractions were introduced.

Term theme: Exploring our world through communication and technology.
Some related art and craft work were made and are displayed along the hallway. They have also made a big book about facial expressions.

Swimming: Play-Preschool have started swimming.
All are having fun with their friends but have been asked to come with their swimmers and a pair of goggles every Wednesday if possible.

Children have been using the library with the assistance of the librarian. They enjoyed making paper crowns during the book week and were awarded by the librarian.

Thank you.

Mrs Matui and Ms Rutera – Class Teachers & Caregivers

Happy Book Week everyone!

Reading the Big Book of Communication

The whole school celebrating Peace Day


Hello everyone. Thank you for reading our last news items from the Prep and Grade 1 classes. We are glad to share updates on what we have been doing and for the next 3 weeks of this term.

All academic lessons are ongoing and will end in week 7. However, activities and homework will continue until the term ends. A handful of students who have started late this term have to catch up on the daily and weekly lessons.

Our theme: Exploring our world through communication and technology is now an advancing the children’s minds or knowledge on the 4 basic terms we have been learning: Traditional, Modern, Communication and Technology. Most children have mastered the definition of these words and can relate to these words through daily events and  happenings around their homes, villages, provinces  in the city, country and world as our home.

Book Week Program
Children were able to create a big book of communication. Each child from the Grade 1 class was able to make his/her own small book for display for anyone to read. Some children were rewarded for:

  • Best poster making – Nicole Nelson (Gr 1)
  • Best small book created – Gairo Gerega (Gr 1)
  • Best colouring poster – Caesar Adema & Niue Woolcock (Gr 1)

Thank you to all parents and guardians for your continuous assistance in this area of responsibility. You can see the progress in your own child. If there is a need please check the teachers’ comments to help your child at home too.

Test/Assessments are being done in weeks 6 and week 7. Please make sure your child does not miss out.

Concert Preparation
Concert scripts were given on Friday 23rd August. Please help your child practice them. Concert uniforms – all Prep and Grade 1s to wear plain round neck white shirt and blue denim (blue jeans). Please assist your child to prepare their concert uniforms for week 10. Friday 20th Sept 2019.

PNG Week – Friday 13 September. An Open Day at School, details will follow later! *Please confirm if your child/children will dress in traditional costumes? It is a once-in-a-year opportunity to be proud of our culture by dressing your child in your traditional costumes.

Thank you and if there’s any queries regarding our news items please consult me or write a note in the home link book.


Mrs Mea – Class Teacher

Making telephones to learn numbers

Reading the Big Book of Books!

Representing the various types of books


Hello and welcome once again to our class insights for this edition. I am more than happy to share some of our highlights (class) for you all.

Class work
We had a wonderful lesson (practical) in Science on Electricity.

The children were so eager to create their own electric circuit using a dry cell (battery), connecting path (wire) and light bulbs. All groups successfully completed their circuits and had great fun trying out different objects to test for their conductivity or insulation. Thank you for your assistance in providing our materials.

In Maths, we are learning about time. The children were supposed to create a “clock face” on a paper party plate. Please ensure that your child has submitted theirs.

There will be an assignment for Social Studies soon, on the topic of “Renewable and Non-renewable Energy.” Other subject areas are okay too. We will share more news later.

Tests and Assessments
These are ongoing and I would encourage all students to study any topics covered during each week. *Revision lessons are always done prior to the tests.

Library Programme
Some children are still not engaged in this important programme yet. So parents, please make sure your child is borrowing weekly and not missing out.

Home Links
A few parents are not checking home links. This is important for you to know about your child’s performance and his/her progress at school.

Attendance and Punctuality
*Needs improvement! All children are required to come to school every day and on time. They must also be picked up on time (after school). Acknowledgement to the kind parents and students who are doing well in this area.

Thank you and God bless.

Mr Mea – Class Teacher


Greetings Parents and Guardians, I hope you are all well.

Book Week
Library was busy during the book week from the 5th to the 9th August 2019. We engaged in activities such as:

  • Book Education
  • Art and Craft and
  • Story Telling

We have been organising and emphasising our term 3 theme:

“Exploring our world through Communication and Technology” and the Book Week theme: “READING IS MY SECRET POWER.”

The library ended the week on Thursday 8th August with Judging class activities and presenting awards on Friday 9th August 2019. It was a successful week and all the teachers and students did extremely well to communicate and understand the concepts for the book week through their respective activities.

Home Reading
In the light of the book week with emphasis on the book week theme “Reading is my secret power,” please engage with your children in their reading books. Encourage them as much as possible to read. Inspire and motivate your children with books and movies about men and women who have changed the world one way or another by taking the time to read. A good example is Ben Carson.

Book Handling: Please show and teach your children how to care for their books at home and when at school.
Home Reading Diary Forms: Please ask your child’s teacher for the library days if you are not aware and check for the Home Reading Diary Form. You are required to comment on your child’s reading. Thank you and I look forward to sharing more news with you soon.

Thank you all.

Mrs Jabri – Librarian



Hello and welcome to our 7th Edition of our school newsletter.

Not that long since we issued our last newsletter when most reminders and notifications were announced. Just a few reminders for parents who are still owing school fees.

  • *Kindly asking you to settle your child’s school fees by end of this week. By week 7 all fees must be settled before any tests are given out. Remember this is important!!!
  • Term 4 Invoices will be issued this week by end of August. Term ends on Friday 20 September.
  • Late Pickups: Those owing will be deducted from school fees automatically. Make sure this does not happen.
  • We will be deducting your child’s school fees for late pick up fees. If you are one of those parents who picks up your child late this will be deducted from what you have paid in school fees.
  • To avoid this, please collect your child by 3pm* (immediately inform/call the office if you have a good reason)

Thank you all and have a blessed day.

Mrs Tione – Registrar

Happy 5th birthday Joel!

Happy 5th birthday Sowaip!

Happy 6th Birthday Lilac!

I do hope that you have enjoyed the news we shared. Please take extra note of important notices and reminders expected of you. Despite a few trying circumstances, we stand united and true to our commitments we made with you in 2019! We therefore expect the same in return! Every day the children enjoy their learning environment with happy sounds. Thank you for your support!

Until next newsletter, see you all inside the school tomorrow!

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