Newsletter 7, Term 4 2020


Preparing our Halloween decorations for a spooky time on Friday!

Seasonal Greetings and Welcome back everyone to Term 4. Week 3 ends and so much has already happened with revisions, tests, assessments and preparations as well as other important events the children participate in can now be shared with you in this newsletter. If you are friends with us on our Facebook Page, you would have already seen what has been happening! Before I take you inside your child’s classroom to share their news from their teachers, allow me to highlight some remaining announcements/reminders for your personal attention.

Term Four Requirements:
  • Terms 1, 2, 3 topics are being revised, tested and assessed so make sure to bring your child/children to school daily including Fridays.
  • Some children come to school very late and it is not fair that they miss out on school assembly as there are always sharing and important announcements with the teachers and the Principal. 
  • Some also are late for classes and trust me the children feel bad enough to be in this position. Kindly help them to be little responsible at an early age. A good training and you will be pleased to have done so!
  • All these will be included in the Annual School Reports and you would want a good report for your children.
  • Transfer Certificates – If you are intending to transfer your children elsewhere next year, please fill in the form and return to the front desk by the end of this month.
  • Reports and transfer certificates will be only handed out to students with fully paid school fees.
  • Special Events – This Friday will be Halloween Day and children will be participating at school. Kindly check if your child has been asked to bring a costume. *Check with their teachers!
  • International Year of the child – November 20 for your information.
  • 2021 Enrolment/Registration will be open by end of November. Fee schedule should also become available by then.
  • End of Year Concert is still up in the air due to Covid-19. More on this at a later date. We do hope to get this happening. Follow our healthy rules.
  • Kindly get your children to wear masks to school please and yourselves too when entering with them.

Time to read about what your children are doing so here we are – enjoy the news on the next page!


A big hello from the Lower classes. We are happy and enjoying our Term 4.

Classroom Activities

  • Phonics – children are doing well with their revisions on the Vol 1 & 2 sounds.
  • Sounding and blending of 2/3 letter words, tricky words and pictorial reading.
  • In week 3, we started with reading short sentences using the tricky words, sounding and blending words. Short sentences like “I sat on the chair; The cat is in the box.” We included a new sight word for the week also.
  • The children have also started Term 4 with spelling and writing their names.
  • Math – we had revisions the last two weeks on numbers, shapes, colours and for week 3 we started in addition and they are doing well.
  • Science – The children did revision on the body parts and could identify them.
  • Water Cycle – The children are learning about the process of the water cycle.
  • Social Studies – The first 2 weeks the children started off with different occupations. Also, the children were asked what they wanted to be in the future:

Randi – wants to be a policeman.
Madiba – He wants to be a doctor.
Felicity – She wants to be a firefighter.
Jaylanie – wants to be a teacher.
Cinderella – she wants to be a policewoman.

  • They have been learning who or what people are. People are men, women, boys, girls. They cut some pictures of people and paste them in the world.
  • Health – The children are learning about the 5 good manners. The good manners are: “Sorry, Thank you, Please, Excuse, Welcome.” The children are practicing their 5 good manners by saying each one of them. *Practice with them at home too!

Reminders. Halloween Theme: “Superheroes” 

Please help your child when he/she brings homework with them.

Thank you!

Ms Heagi & Ms Matui – Class Teachers

What we want to be when we grow up!

Reading short sentences and getting better!

Sounding and blending words in the library


Greetings to our lovely parents and guardians. Welcome back to our final term for 2020. We have now completed the third week of revisions.

Our theme  is “Celebrating my wonderful world.” We have done a lot of revision activities in class both indoors and outdoors. Here is what we have done in our five main subject areas for the past three weeks now.

Jolly Phonics – sound, blend and read volume 1, 2 words. We also read two focus books “The Map” and “The Cat and Rat” we have also played some reading games during our lessons.

Jolly Grammar – we have covered the topic on “Nouns and Verbs” next week we will learn more about “Pronouns.”

Mathematics – we have done all four of our operation lessons on addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. This week we have started on our new lesson “Fractions” and this will lead to our topic on “Time”. In the next few weeks also we will do a practical activity to sum up our lesson on fractions. Your child will be asked to bring a fruit to participate in our practical activity.

Science – Topics covered are my body, skeleton system and five senses. We are now revising our environment topics “Plants and animals.”

Social Studies – The children have done well with the two topics. “Family and Community” and now focusing on “Resources”

Health – We were able to create mini charts on a garden of good manners and practice using manners words in school and at home. We even did a personal profile assessable task which was given to each child.We are now focusing on the good habits or healthy habits to keep ourselves healthy.

Homework – please check your child’s bags for their homework papers or folders.

Punctuality and attendance – a few children are still coming late to school. Please try to be on time for morning lessons and activities.

Special Event – Week 4 Friday 29/10/20 will be our “Halloween Party” Please provide or dress your child in any superhero character costumes and bring some candies to school with their friends for Tricky or Treat class visit.

Finally, parents please write any notes or comments in your child’s homework book or come and see me if you have any concern regarding your child.

Thank you very much and that is all from our class.

Mrs Mea – Class Teacher



Hello and welcome once again to our class highlights of this term so far.

1.       Attendance and Punctuality:

Please ensure that your children are punctual and that they attend classes every day because it is vital now that we are doing revisions for the final tests/assessments & annual reports.

2.       New enrolments.

It is always pleasing to have new students because they always bring new experiences and challenges. This term, we have Delilah Abal. She has settled in well with lots of friends already including myself.

3.       Weekly lesson highlights:

A practical Math lesson which involved a Group Challenge. Students had to measure different objects and present their findings. The “Meter Girls” won the challenge while the “Centimetrepecles” and the “Inch Boys” came 2nd and 3rd respectively. We all had great fun.

This is all for now from us here. Thank you,

Mr Mea – Class Teacher



Hello, I am grateful to share how our students have been working and I am pleased to see that most of them have improved a lot from the past 3 terms.

The Library is a place of reading and my programs are mostly to do with how to motivate a child to read from one sound to a word and from a word to a sentence. Though it may sound tough I do my best and am glad to see the Play/Preschool sound their Jolly Phonics 1 & 2. Very interestingly they can pick up sounds and blend two letter words – even three! Wow!

Prep and Grade 1 – most of them can sound Jolly Phonics 1 to 7 and can sound and blend all the Jolly Phonics words. I have in the library 2, 3, 4 and 5 letter words and I get teacher-to-student reading with students whom I see are in need straight away to help them familiarise with their level books and there have been few. I practice reading with them at school before they take their reading books home to read to their parents and it is for any interested student.

Clustered Grades have been great and impress me a lot in the library when I get them to read at least a book on shared reading with or to their friends. They can memorise their Jolly Phonics volume 1 to volume 7 like a war cry and sounding and blending is a game they always play in the library. Sometimes I take teacher-to-student reading and assist them with pronunciations.

Students from all levels participate well with their activities in the library and borrowing is on for those with library bags.

Ms Rutera – Librarian



Welcome back and let us give a special one to our new families who joined us this term and are delighted to have you as part of our Big Bava family. Hope we can share some ideas together.

A few reminders to our dear parents and guardians that we have given out,

  • “Survey Form for 2021 Return/Leave.” Please fill in and return to school. This is important because we are giving the priority to our current students before we can allow space to outsiders.
  • School Fees: Please settle all fees by mid November.
  • Report Card: will not be issued unless fees are paid in full.
  • Transfer out – same as above.
  • For any questions please see me at once or call me on 3258715 or email the office.

Thank you and have a blessed time.

Mrs Tione – Registrar

Finalists in the Upper Grades maths challenge

Artworks of “Living Things”

A display on proper hand washing with soap

I do hope you find the time to read the contents of this letter because there is important information you must know and execute. Until next issue or we see you at the school, stay healthy and safe. Please follow Covid-19 Rules as the number of cases are increasing in the city.

Kind Regards and Peace be with you all.

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