Newsletter 8, Term 4 2019


The students in full chorus during the opening of Term 3 Concert!

Let us break the long pause of silence! We need some news from the school end. The first two weeks of this term has been slow but surely grabbed its pace to be well underway. First of all my appreciation and thank you go to all patrons, parents and guardians for all your understanding and support. Despite any challenges we all come together to put the pieces in place.

1. END OF TERM 3 CONCERT: Well attended and enjoyed by all present. Thank you everyone. Our small children and their teachers do work hard throughout each term and this is one way to show their parents and guardians what they all have learned and progress in their own little ways! Photos were displayed on the Facebook Page and were really gorgeous. Several are displayed in this edition for your easy reference.

2. TERM 4: 10 week duration, from 30 September to 6 December 2019. Any upcoming events will be advised as dates approach.

3. TERM 4 SCHOOL FEES: Must be fully paid by now, unless special terms have been arranged prior. *Even special arrangements should be settled by end of this month.

4. SPECIAL EVENTS: Several to be observed:

  • International Teachers Day – was celebrated at the school. Well done to all our hard working teachers in week 1. Blessings!
  • Our Theme: Our Wonderful World and the Amazing Me. The teachers and students are working inclusively – adding, revisiting and revising topics from Terms 1, 2 & 3 themes for this final term. Quite interesting and challenging.
    Please ensure all children come to school for this important reason, to sufficiently prepare them for their upgrades next year.
  • Halloween – Thursday 31 October. *But most celebrations will be held on Friday 1 November. Details to follow.
  • Children’s Day – Wednesday 20 November. It is important for our school to observe this special day.
  • End of The Year/Term Concert – Wednesday 4 December. Very important, please take note.

Let me take you inside the classrooms to update you on your children’s news.

Grades class building words from letters

Prep & Gr. 1’s making a map from paper mache

Happy 5th birthday to Warren!


Hello and a warm welcome back to Term 4 with the Play-Pre’s!

Jolly Phonics – Play-Pre’s are now familiar with their sounds of Jolly Phonics Vol. 1 [s a t i p n]. They can sound and blend two and three letter words and are able to spell their tricky words. We had touched on Jolly Phonics Vol. 2 [c k e] and will be continuing with the rest this term.

Play-Pre’s are now able to count and write their numbers 0-10 and for this term we are getting them to  build on that by learning how to spell their numbers as well.

Addition and Subtraction:
We’ve started working on addition and subtraction in Term 3 and will be continuing this term 4.

Shapes and Colours:
Play-Pre’s can identify the shapes and colours and can say them confidently.

Lastly, a reminder to all Play-Preschool parents that we have library lessons every Wednesdays. We kindly ask if the students are able to come with their library bags so they can be able to borrow books to take home for reading.

Thank you all.

Mrs Matui and Ms Rutera – Class Teachers & Caregivers

Prep & Gr 1’s Jolly Phonics item in T3 Concert

Showing the importance of communication

Not forgetting the technology that allows it!


Hello Parents & Guardians! Welcome back to our final term of the year. This Term we will be doing revision activities or lessons on the topics we learnt in Terms  1, 2 & 3.

Starts weeks 2 – week 6. Tests every Thursdays.

Assignments/Projects every Fridays.

Attendance & Punctuality:
Kindly reminder for you to bring your child to school before 8am. Please present a medical certificate if sick or absent.

Library Bag:
Please remind your child to bring library bags to borrow books on Tuesdays and return on Thursdays.

Takes place every Wednesday. Please pack extra clothes, towel, swimmers, goggles and a plastic bag for wet clothes.

Teachers Day:
Thank you parents, children and Bava Management, for the gifts, cards, greetings and lunch last Friday 4th October which we celebrated with our lovely students in the school. You made our day so special.

Thank you and look forward to sharing more next time.

Mrs Mea – Class Teacher


Hello everyone. Welcome once again to our class insights for this newsletter. This is the final term of the year and I would like to remind you that it’s the most important one. Therefore, attendance and punctuality are paramount. Let’s get into the classroom and find out more.

Term 4 Start:
We had a quiet start last week. But our lesson were in full swing already. Our students were so excited to discuss and learn extra content in Maths, English and Science, Health and Social Studies. Most of our lessons this final term will be revisions with some extra units and enrichment too.

Test and Assessments:
Are ongoing and students shall be advised in due time. Take-home tasks and homework shall be given twice each week.

Home Links:
These are very important so please feel free to comment in your child’s Home Link book so we can communicate weekly.

Parent-Teacher Interview:
I would like to conduct sessions (T-P Interviews) with a few parents next week. Notices shall be given out this week.

Thank you.

Mr Mea – Class Teacher

Grades with a grammar item in T3 Concert

We know how to tell the time!

Grades class discussing forms of technology


Welcome back to Term 4 parents and guardians. Hope you are enjoying your child’s school experience as much as we are.

The Library is focusing on spelling, sounding and writing words. This should help students identify words and their sounds when they read as well as enhance their memory, recognition and understanding the importance of reading. This program continues in Term 4 and will be exercised throughout the next academic year in 2020.

In the last 3 weeks of Term 3, spelling exercises were given out to the Grades class as well as the Prep’s and Gr 1’s.

With Mr Mea’s help, the Grades class were put into three groups:

  • Group 1 – Louie, Zanelle and Cathleen.
  • Group 2 – Stephen, Leilani Yuki, Tia, Sepe and Karo
  • Group 3 – Isaiah, Kenneth, Chloe, Gerard, Gloria, Victoria and Leilani Salaiau.

According to the spelling test results, not all students were keen to practice and learn their words. However, a few did very well. Tia Isaac did outstanding in her tests, always scoring full marks. Excellent efforts were made by Chloe, Leilani Salaiau, Stephen and Karo Timothy Nobetau. Unfortunately, Prep and Grade 1’s were not able to sit for their spelling tests due to other academic commitments.

A reminder again to all parents and guardians to be involved in your children’s education so you can assist and support them at home correctly. And lastly, please always make time to read to your children and encourage them to read because it is the key to realising their dreams and aspirations. Thank you for your interest in your child and it should grow as your involvement increases.

Thank you all.

Mrs Jabri – Librarian


A very warm welcome into Term 4. Thank you to our lovely parents and guardians who have been so kind and supportive to our school fees issues in paying up your child’s fees in timely manner. I want to acknowledge you all for making this a firsthand matter. Thanks a lot.


  • Late pickups: This has been looking good so far. Should there be any late pick-ups a fee of K20 per child is charged for late and must be paid.
  • Uniform: Every child must wear school uniforms from Monday to Thursday. Friday is a sports day.
  • Parent Teacher Interviews: For those parents who really want to see your child’s teacher, please make an appointment at the front desk. I suggest after school from 3:30pm onwards only.

Thank you all and have a blessed day.

Mrs Tione – Registrar

Each division has their own interesting news updates and I am confident that the rest of the term will be filled with more uplifting news. This is the last term rounding out the school year, so please — all children must come to school through the full week including Friday. Teaching/learning activities including sporting activities happen on Fridays although it is only half a day!

Thank you all for your continuing support. Until next issue, happy reading and see you all at school.

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