Newsletter 8, Term 4 2020


Merry Christmas from the entire Bava staff and students to all of you!

This is the final newsletter so please read the contents closely. Some information will need your attention and immediate action!


No one can deny that the challenges presented and still persist with the uncertainties of how to deal with the COVID-19 PANDEMIC Crisis have taken a toll on all our lifestyles, economies, businesses and relationships with one another locally and all over the world! 

Covid-19 is real and we all must be actively engaged in practising & respecting the rules of the Safety and Health measures imposed on us/the Public by the authorities.

Your life is in your own hands and be aware that this pandemic does not discriminate who it should choose to get sick because it is airborne via our proximity-closeness without any protective gear such as face-masks. They are simple, cheap and easy form of protection we should all comply with to wear whether we like or believe it or not. Not doing so will expose you to someone who may already be carrying the virus without you knowing.

This is why we emphasise the daily training/practice of the children at school to wear their masks to school. Parents & guardians are urged to do likewise to show support and be  good examples to them. Otherwise we are breaking the school rules which your understanding and support is vitally needed and necessary. All we want is to keep everyone in our environment to be healthy and safe from this pandemic.

It is only the beginning and PNG is so lucky that we have not experienced the same like in most other western and developed countries like USA, UK, Italy, Australia-Melbourne, Philippines and many others. 

Be alert and be prepared now and always. Now let me take you inside the school to inform you what is remaining for this year and some announcements for 2021 Academic Year.


The 2020 Academic Year will end in a few weeks when we shall all come together to celebrate and witness the fruits of the hard work your children with their teachers have achieved together! Take special note of what is stated because details you must know to consider as well as take immediate actions for 2020 & 2021 School Year.

End of Term Four – Friday 4 December.

End of Term Year Concert – Friday  4 December.

What to Expect in this Concert:

  • Academic Displays/Entertainments by the 3 levels of school
  • Annual Reports/Awards-Certificates for only fully paid students
  • Santa Gifts – please every child to bring 1 for Santa bag.
  • 2021 Special Announcements/Brochures
  • Farewell Shared Luncheon contributions by each student/family.

Specific Reminders for End of Term/Year Concert Needs:

  • All children to be dropped off by 8am sharp in school Uniforms/with masks. *Costumes to be in by next week Friday.
  • Parents/Guardians be seated with masks by 9.50am for 10am Start.
  • Shared Luncheon contributions by each child/Family please.
  • Due to Covid-19 Restrictions please wear masks.

Preparing Christmas decorations is always fun

Improving our reading skills together

Designing wall decorations for our concert

3. 2021 School Year Preparations:
  • Enrolments – Forms are now provided for those returning and must pay the fee to secure your space by 11 December as we will start accepting outside applications.
  • Brochures will be available by December 4 or earlier/but fees are already available from the front desk. Should be also on school website.
  • School Year commences for Registration on 2-26 January 2021 and classes to start on January 27. All other dates and details to follow on brochures & website.



Hello from the Lower Sector. All revisions are being done and to be completed by this week. We are happy and enjoying this time preparing to make Christmas decorations in readiness for the End of Year Concert on Friday 4 December.

Children are hard at work practising and we ask you to please help them at home too. Thanks.

Some important things to give attention to for this Event:

  1. Concert Costumes: White T-Shirt and black long pants for boys and leggings for girls.
  2. Christmas gift: please bring your child’s surprise gift to be packed in the Santa’s Bag for the Santa to give it out on the Concert Day.
  3. Concert Date: 04th Friday December 2020.

Thank you!

Ms Heagi & Ms Matui – Class Teachers



Hello everyone, welcome back to our class updates.

  1. Assessments – all assessable tasks are completed.
  2. Reports – students reports have been finalised too.
  3. Children’s Day – Friday 20th November. The children will be displaying their posters about their rights. Parents are asked to assist your child to create a poster.
  4. Term 4 Concert – Friday 4th December.
    • Concert Scripts will be given to your child to practice.
    • Concert costumes – Boys: Green round neck shirt, black trousers and white socks. Girls: Red round neck shirt, black legging and white sock.
    • Santa’s Bag – All parents to get a little gift for your child to be placed under our Christmas tree. These gifts will be given to your child on the concert day.
    • But these gifts must reach the school no later than Wednesday 2nd December.

Thank you all for your support. God bless you all.

Mrs Mea – Class Teacher

Our large clock prop to help us tell time!

Creating clocks to learn how to tell time

Hands-on with our clocks is great practice


Hello everyone and welcome to our class insights. Much has happened and we are all excited to share with you. It is time again and we are excited to inform you all on what we have done so far and what we are planning to do.

Assessment and Tests:

All assessments for the year have been completed as well as compiling of the results for the final Reports.

Attendance and Punctuality:

This is an important area that our children need to get used to as they grow and develop. I want to encourage everyone to continue to support our children in this special area. I would like to acknowledge those parents and guardians who ensure that children attend school daily. Keep up the good work…

End of Year Concert:

As we move towards the end of the term, we need to prepare ourselves for our End of Year Concert. This show allows us to showcase to our parents, what we have learned and achieved throughout the year. The students have been given scripts which they need to practise at home as well as at school. Please ensure that your children rehearse in their free times.

Our costumes for this Event are:

  • Red (round neck) shirt
  • White shorts
  • White socks

All costumes should be in by Friday 27th November 2020.

Classroom Lesson:

Our highlight for the week would be the Science group presentations for changes of State. Each group had to explain “What happens to water as it changes its state. They also had to use their chart/diagram to explain why. Everyone did exceptionally well and I am very proud of my students.

We hope to do more in our remaining weeks before we close.

Thank you all.

Mr Mea – Class Teacher



Hello parents and guardians. Welcome, it is my pleasure to share with you our library stories.

  • Having a lot of fun doing revisions together to wrap up the year assessments.
  • Most children are now able to sound, blend and read on their own.
  • They are able to say Jolly Phonics words with one calling a particular word and the others picking out the correct one. These children can also relate to their three big learning ”L” words: Look, Listen and Learn.

From Play-Preschool – Miria Aru read his Baby Birds book confidently to his friends on shared reading during library session on Thursday 12.11.20.

For Prep/Grade 1 & Upper Grades – revisions on Vowels and Consonants with shared reading and had big fun playing their work games.

No more borrowing of Books. All Library books must be returned. Teachers are to check all the children to return borrowed books, By Wednesday 25 November.

Ms Rutera – Librarian



Hello everyone. URGENT REMINDERS:

  1. NO School Report – for non payment of Outstanding School Fees etc.
  2. NO Transfer out Certificate is given if you still owe school fees.

2021 Enrolment: Parents/Guardians wishing to bring back your child to Bava International School to continue to next level. Enrolment Form is attached to this Newsletter, please fill it out and return with the Registration Fee of K300.00. *Only paid space will be secured for your child.

SCHOOL FEES 2021: Out now. Please ask for more information at the school front counter or go to the school website

Thank you and be safe from Covid-19.

Mrs Tione – Registrar

These wall decorations show our manners!

Upper Grades studying phase changes of water

Have a wonderful holiday & see you next year!

Finally I wish to iterate my appreciation and gratitude to you for the continuing support and confidence you have in our school and management to this end despite the unfortunate Covid-19 pandemic! It takes the full understanding, support, participation and empathy for all stakeholders to realise the benefits under trying circumstances. Most of this year since Term one has seen half of the school leaving. I am confident to start 2021 with a fresh outlook with your trust bestowed upon us. We look forward to this wonderful partnership to continue in 2021! Please be at the end of Year Concert on Friday 4 December to celebrate and farewell Year 2020 in style with our dear children and teachers!  Thank you once again. Be seeing you at the concert and happy reading!


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