How to stop your child sugar snacking

Sugar is fun to eat, but not good for your teeth! That’s because your child might love sweet treats, but the bacteria in his or her mouth loves them even more. “Sucrose (sugar) is the ‘food’ for the bacteria that cause tooth decay; those bacteria produce acid that etches away the teeth. Limiting the amount […]

Helping your child to get back after illness

Has your baby’s routine unraveled after an unexpected illness? Here’s how to re-establish healthy eating and sleeping habits when the coast is clear. It’s inevitable. You’re bound to face setbacks when your little one gets sick. Whether it’s an ear infection, chesty cough or cold, there’s no doubt your child will need more comfort when […]

How Martial Arts can help your child

Martial arts aren’t always all about kicking and punching. Violent TV suggests and films is probably liable for a number of the awful rap that the sport receives; in fact, martial arts will help your baby an awful lot greater than it will harm. Whether your youngster is bursting with energy or shy in maximum […]